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Follow The White Rabbit Buddy Key Trial v5.0

SkyJackalSkyJackal WisbechMember Posts: 390

Have you ever played The Matrix Online? Has it been a long time since you last did?

How about this, do you let people tell you what to believe?

In celebration of the game's Third Anniversary Event I'm proud to announce another return of the 14 day Follow The White Rabbit Buddy Key Trial for The Matrix Online!

Simply post here if you wish to retrieve a buddy key, limit of 1 key per person, distribution will be handled via PMs unless alternative contacts are provided.

And remember the valuable lessons expressed in the Trilogy itself...

"Unfortunately no one can be told what The Matrix is, they have to see it for themselves"

"Fear, doubt, disbelief, you have let it all go Neo. Free. Your. Mind."

"I've expected just what I've always expected, for you to make up your own damn mind"



  • TamalanTamalan LeedsMember Posts: 1,117

    Matrix Online is very nearly the one P2P MMO I havnt at one point played or at least trialed.

    A buddy key would be very welcome, thank you :)

  • dzinchadzincha RigaMember Posts: 16


    Can i have one please? Thank you!

  • drakoniadrakonia manorville, NYMember Posts: 1


    I havent tried the game please pass a key my way. :)

  • falc0nfalc0n Lubbock, TXMember Posts: 384 Uncommon

    Same here, never tried it before but would love a key!


  • JbrennanJbrennan SouthamptonMember Posts: 1

    Could I have a buddy key please

  • AalleynAalleyn White Rock, BCMember Posts: 20

    Would love to try this game key please.

  • falc0nfalc0n Lubbock, TXMember Posts: 384 Uncommon
    Originally posted by drakonia

    I havent tried the game please pass a key my way. :)

    congrats on your first post in 3 years!


  • sanglant1487sanglant1487 Wausau, WIMember Posts: 10

    I would like a key as well please. Thanks

  • SinzOfManSinzOfMan toronto, ONMember Posts: 224 Uncommon

    wow this is the first I've ever heard of a trial for the matrix online.  been waiting many years for this day lol.


    Yes please send me one ; ]

  • RAMHAMMERRAMHAMMER newport news, VAMember Posts: 1

    sweet, would use a key also, please send to




  • fireheathenfireheathen St.Paul, MNMember Posts: 40 Uncommon

    Yes please... always wanted to try , dont really know why i havent yet.

    Old gamers never die...we just respawn. MMO's Played Everquest,Everquest2, Anarchy online, City of heroes/ City of villains, Vanguard, Dungeon runners( beta ), Fury ( beta ), Maplestory, Runescape, Silkroad, Tabula Rasa, Lotro...

  • raihiryuraihiryu Sheboygan Falls, WIMember Posts: 14

    SWEET!! I'd like one as well please.

    Just send to, thnz!

  • trillahtrillah montreal, QCMember Posts: 158 Common

    I would like a key also please, game must have change a lot since the last time I played.

  • samuraislyrsamuraislyr san jose, CAMember Posts: 122

    Would love a key just to give it a shot.

  • DasSpyDasSpy mcbain, MIMember Posts: 9 Uncommon

    Please send me a key also to

  • josteg59josteg59 Irving, TXMember Posts: 5

    I would love to have one as well, please send me one. :D

  • bverjibverji Corpus Christi, TXMember Posts: 722 Uncommon

    sounds good i would like to try the game

  • elazulblackelazulblack Hickory, NCMember Posts: 19

    I'd quite like one.

  • jerksonjerkson AalborgMember Posts: 106

    I'd love to give it a try. feel free to drop me a buddy key in PM :) Thanks in advance.



  • JaciqueJacique PooBootyLandMember Posts: 4



    I've trailed the White Rabbit to find what turns out to be The Phone.

    Except the door leading to it is locked.

    May I have the key, please?


    :: m a k i n g o v e n f r i e s ::

  • E1ioE1io Hollywood, FLMember Posts: 86

     I haven't gotten a chance to play it, I'd love to try it.

  • xersentxersent StevenageMember Posts: 613

    i would like to try it too please :)


  • Baio2kBaio2k Denver, COMember Posts: 162 Uncommon

    I played in closed and open beta's and would very much appreciate another opportunity to try the game.

  • darkgamerxdarkgamerx londonMember Posts: 311

    Never really got a chance to play this and currently im looking for a game..


    Would appreaciate a key.


    Send it to:

  • centrik91centrik91 Mendham, NJMember Posts: 175

    I'd like to make everyone aware of a great community effort that MxO is undergoing.

    Want a trial key, but are having trouble finding one?


    It's operated and run by a faction mate of mine, and is becoming very successful!  Hit it up if you need a key.

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