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How to make Tibia Better

LeCompte19LeCompte19 Manalapan, NJPosts: 9Member

Here is how to make this game better. Don't try to balance the vocs as CIP has shown does not work.

Set the version back to 7.6 to balance the vocs. At this point, everyone was basically balanced. There were a few minor things, but no one complained.

Side story: So as I was walkign around the other day, a level 45 druid hit me with a SD and took off 205. I thought I read an article on the website saying CIP made the vocs more balanced. Then today, I go to kill a level 20 druid who had killed this one noob who I was showing around. I couldn't do it. A level 42 knight couldn't take down a 20 druid. There is deff a problem with the voc balancing in this game and don't go saying anything about the skills.

Weapon and spell level requirements need to be redone. They are too high. Everyone knows it yet you do not change it. You guys at CIP puzzle me.

Keep the wands and rods as to help sorcs and druids level at lower levels. We all know knights and pallys level faster from level 8-20 and then slow down. Once the mages reach level 20, they rocket past everyone. That needs to go.

Get rid of some of the new items. Or just upgrade servers. You have been lagging since the recent update. More information requires more space. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.

Keep some of the newer items. I enjoy seeing more than six swords to choose from. Same goes for all other eq.

Keep all of the new hunting spots. The worlds are too crowded, they need more room for people to hunt. Or you can lower the amount of people allowed on. OR you can not allow people onto servers with high populations unless they already have a character on it.

Since I have not really been around for the past two updates, that is all I have. I have not seen a lot of what has happened here over the past year and to be honest, I do not care. I would only think of returning if CIP made some of these changes.


Shilak of Chimera



  • Katashi-kunKatashi-kun St. Charles, MOPosts: 517Member

    Nice write up, but CIP won't see this here.  You should post this on their forums or send it to them directly. 


    Know alot of what u speak of though, played for awhile last few yrs, but I'm in lingo as to what to start up again...

    Kemih ~ 13 Red Mage | Currently playing FFXI & LOTRO, awaiting Warhammer Online & Aion...

  • BBlackfordBBlackford Fort Collins, COPosts: 24Member

    Maybe add some sound effects as well, haha

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