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Looking for a new game to play.

waterskill22waterskill22 adamsville, ALPosts: 2Member

Is this game good and does it have a lot of grinding involved?


  • ladybug420ladybug420 athens, ALPosts: 17Member

    I thoroughly enjoy this game. They have made a lot of updates, but if you're a hardcore RPG fan, then this game will prolly bore you after a while. I find it the most interesting when I'm in a big party with friends. But I do have to say that some people don't like this game simply because of the graphics. So if you're biased like that, then you won't like it. But I LOVE IT and am addicted to it. Just try it out. Don't forget to download the patch, it makes it run a lot better :)

  • Ebol-aEbol-a Hamilton, ONPosts: 18Member

    Im gunna keep sayin this... Dont bother... Go get a 1990s game for 2 bucks and logon there


    Same thing


    Players in-game said the new patch aint no better, maybe worse depending on your system

  • ladybug420ladybug420 athens, ALPosts: 17Member

    well we all know it doesn't play on your system

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