Is this game still in development?

wichdanewichdane BelgradeMember Posts: 9

The game looks very beautiful, even though it doesn't have the typical looks of a modern MMORPG, it looks like an interactive fairytale, at least judging from the screenshots.  I'd really like to see what it is like, but I not sure if it is still in development or abandoned. On the main site the link to the forums is broken so I can't check the activity there. Are there any dedicated fansites or communities?



  • mike470mike470 General Correspondent -unknown-Member Posts: 2,396

    The game is in development, but you can sign up for beta on their home site.  They say that they will send an email once beta is starting...

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  • AtoniahAtoniah BucurestiMember Posts: 8

    Judging by the Opportunities thread the game might not come out soon since they have financial problems. So don't expect the next beta stage soon.

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