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GM reply on issue of Game Crashing / Restart / Blue Screen

ichybonichybon Reno, CAPosts: 5Member Common

I submitted a ticket and got an e-mail reply in just a couple of minutes! *was shocked on how great their support is*

I explained the issue I was having; my PC would restart without warning once I had left the training area, and have told them that other people were describing very similar issues on this forum.

This is the response I got:

Thank you for submitting your inquiry.

Thank you for your report on the hp/mp bug.

In regards to your other issue the blue screen error that you are receiving is a known issue and we are working on finding a resolve for this.  It has been concluded that it is an irregular memory leak issue with the client.   We are currently looking into the cause as well as a hasty solution to this problem. 

In the mean time, we suggest is that you run the game at a lower resolution as this is helping get around the crashing.  You should likewise tone down the graphical and visual effects as well, which can be found in the Game Options.  This will minimalize memory usage in attempt to lessen the frequency of crashing.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused for you.

For any other questions that you may have, please submit a ticket through the support section of our website.  Our team will gladly assist you with any issues you may have.


I'm going to try running the game at lowest possible resolution and video settings like suggested & will later post my results *crosses fingers*



  • kswizzykswizzy spring, TXPosts: 4Member

    I tried that, saw it posted on a thread yesterday. It didnt help whatsoever, still got the random restart 2 mins in. They need to fix this asap, its obviously the game thats the problem, not the users.

  • EarwhygEarwhyg Oshawa, ONPosts: 3Member

    Apparently people with this problem are reporting a workaround of switching from a USB keyboard to a PS/2 keyboard. I, unfortunately am unable to try this myself as I only have a USB keyboard, but it may be worth a shot.

  • lonhelyglonhelyg BrightonPosts: 73Member

    I've tried everything I can think of , so I'm just going to wait until this is fixed.

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