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Beta restrictions or Requirem policy?

KragarKragar EspooPosts: 13Member

While looking for a beta access code for Requiem I found this information from


The restriction to USA MMOsiters again (rule 2) is ENTERILY a decision from, it was NEVER required by Requiem.

I have a email from them to prove it, which I quote here:

Thank you for your inquiry,

Gravity Interactive Inc. is not restricting the closed beta of Requiem:Bloodymare currently at this time. Currently we are using no IP blocks or any other methods to create such a restriction. In fact, users from all over the world have registered with closed beta keys from Fileplanet. We do not have control of other companies and websites. We apologize if you are having an issue obtaining a beta key.

If you have any other questions or problems please feel free to submit another ticket and our customer service staff will be happy to assist you..

Michael V

Requiem Customer Support Team


So why is and limiting the beta keys to only North Americans when its not limited by the game developers??!!



  • FafhredFafhred LondonPosts: 33Member Uncommon

    Well, I am the original poster for this, both on and here.

    I have been in touch with Requiem, who confirm that it is NOT by their instructions. Only the age restriction is genuine.

    They advised me to do 2 things: first, try to get a CB key from FiletPlanet (which does not apply geographical restrictions), at


    And failing this, register to their forum (Requiem), where I was was told that something is going to be done about this third-party restriction.


    It took me several attempts, but I now have a CB key fresh from FilePlanet.


    So, thumb down to and Mmosite .com

    Knowledge is Power, but Ignorance is often Death

  • erizakerizak New York, NYPosts: 1Member

    Or you could just register a fake US account on this site, worked for me ;]

  • DarkenedDarkened Denver, COPosts: 183Member

    The age restriction is an absolute joke though, any clown can enter a fake D.O.B. and get in.

    To test this, I had a relatives 14 year old son go onto the site, and instructed him to signup for the Requiem beta - within minutes he had his key and was beginning the download, when I asked him how he managed that even though the game is age restricted, he responded that all he had to do was enter an older DOB.


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