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Closed Beta Code 2/27th

ichybonichybon Reno, CAPosts: 5Member Common

Hey everyone, if you are excited about this game like myself & want to grab a closed beta code early, you can get one at fileplanet. You need a fileplanet account but don't need to be a subscriber.

Main website for Requiem just click the little banner on the right Closed Beta JOIN NOW! & sign up. You can create an account without a code but won't be able to play. You can later manage your account and add a code once you get one.

on Feb. 29th & will be giving away codes as well to registered users.

According to the News section on Requiems website, people using the fileplanet codes will be able to play as of yesterday 26th. "3 days earlier, before the release on the 29th" I'm in fileplanets fantastic queue line to download this game right now, so I can't confirm that I can play closed beta right now with a fileplanet closed beta code.

Could anyone thats claiming to have played already please confirm the fileplanet code lets you log in and play now?


  • mave1mave1 Posts: 18Member Uncommon

    Confirmed ^^

    Its a nice Game. I played Yesterday til 4 o´clock in the morning before  i went  to work

  • Khan187Khan187 ExeterPosts: 168Member

    Originally posted by mave1

    Confirmed ^^

    Its a nice Game. I played Yesterday til 4 o´clock in the morning before  i went  to work
    Wahhhh... never seen a zombie work before
  • ZothosZothos Bad KreuznachPosts: 2Member

    @ichybon: thx for Code-Link! Searched all day for the Code. lol


  • EarwhygEarwhyg Oshawa, ONPosts: 3Member

    Am I the only one unable to access the official site. It keeps directing me to a Page Can Not Be Found Error. Been trying to check out the site since I first heard of the game a few days ago.

  • ichybonichybon Reno, CAPosts: 5Member Common

    they may have ran out of keys, but don't worry! Today 2/29 is giving away 5 thousand keys, try also if for some reason you can't get one.


    Link for the Closed Beta Code giveaway on mmosite

  • EarwhygEarwhyg Oshawa, ONPosts: 3Member

    No, I got my key from FilePlanet but could not activate as I was unable to get onto the Requiem Official Site. Deleted my cookies and it worked fine. Now I just have to figure out why my system keeps rebooting while playing Requiem...    The only thing I can rule out is overheating.

  • downtoearthdowntoearth cedar falls, IAPosts: 3,558Member

    its a conflict some where

    i dont have issues

  • KragarKragar EspooPosts: 13Member

    I'm a fileplanet subscriber and they advertice the beta on the frontpage but did not get a key, I don't get a key from here either since only give out keys for north american members.

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