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Massive crash issues at start of cb

sanguine1023sanguine1023 Columbus, OHPosts: 2Member

cant even enter the game from outside the training grounds without going to blue screen restart... frustrating... appears to be a well done grindfest from what ive read and saw... hope they fix this bug so a lot of people can play... welcome to a cb


  • charlizdcharlizd sydneyPosts: 923Member Uncommon

    Lol hopefully it is fixed b4 this 2gig download finishes.


  • wagbeeswagbees Rochester, MIPosts: 23Member

    same thing happened to me also, they are having scheduled maintenance soon so hopefully they will fix it.

  • charlizdcharlizd sydneyPosts: 923Member Uncommon

    any 1 know of an alternate download link besides fileplanet mine seems to have stopped downloading ay 1740 mb/2054mb and im not a happy chappy lol been waiting near on 3 hours for this thing to download and it just shits itself lol.


  • sanguine1023sanguine1023 Columbus, OHPosts: 2Member

    The main site wont have their download up until the 29th--- so youre stuck with fileplanet for now

  • LightleafLightleaf Huntington, WVPosts: 61Member

    Just be lucky that you're able to get in without any crashing problems before you even log in.  I've been at this since 3 PM it's 9:33 PM now.

  • wagbeeswagbees Rochester, MIPosts: 23Member

    here's an alternate client download link-

    click on "requiem wiki hosted client"

  • Khan187Khan187 ExeterPosts: 168Member
    Originally posted by wagbees

    here's an alternate client download link-
    click on "requiem wiki hosted client"

    I think you have forgotten to prive us a working Username and Password to log on

  • JonMichaelJonMichael Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 796Member

    I haven't had any problems with crashing yet.  I downloaded the client Wednesday night and played it for about 4 hours last night with no major problems at all... a bit of lag, a few minor graphic glitches... but overall, pretty darned stable.

    I like it much more than I thought I would... there's a grind, yes, but overall, it's pretty fun.


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  • jmmcglojmmcglo Reedsville, WVPosts: 203Member

    As a side note for those who are running Vista and the game client crashes before you ever make it to the opening cinematic .

    (White/Black screen/Back to desktop/ You can't kill the launcher via task manager)

    If you are running service pack 1. Uninstall it. That should fix your problem instantly. It worked for me and Requiem runs perfect with everything max.


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  • ichybonichybon Reno, CAPosts: 5Member Common

    I'm having a problem with my computer restarting out of nowhere while I play. I did RAM tests & that isn't my problem. I can play CS:S for hours and be fine . . . can't seem to figure it out Had the same problem when trying to play Perfect World..... so dunno, might be an overheating issue on my athlon xp 2600 62*

  • lonhelyglonhelyg BrightonPosts: 73Member

    Yes I have this problem too,just restarts my Pc at random times whilst playing,hav'nt even got out of the start area yet .

    With so many people having the same problem I cant believe there is no official word on it yet !

  • kswizzykswizzy spring, TXPosts: 4Member

    Getting the random restarts too. Really sucks cuz it looks like a fun game. Hope they fix it soon, cuz i want to play

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