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Requiem Online registration available!

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Client download and closed beta codes should be available soon.


  • EldaranEldaran PennsylvaniaPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    I haven't figured out how to apply to get a beta code yet though. Any pointers? What am I missing?

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  • DragonAkonDragonAkon Conyers, GAPosts: 1Member

    ya are their any special keys? :X I wanna play lol

  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,930Member Rare

    Starting Tuesday February 26th, Fileplanet will have a limited quantity of Closed Beta codes for Requiem, available only for Fileplanet registered users.
    Friday February 29th, will have closed beta codes available."

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  • MystralzMystralz ny, NYPosts: 48Member Uncommon

    is it jus me or does it seem like fileplanet is late to release their keys

    i dont see any links anywhere on their site for the game

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Quebec, QCPosts: 7,433Member

    Nobody seems to know...maybe you do.


    If I want to be the BEST in PvE groups, what will the game require me to do?  (where are the phat loots, PvE grouping?  Raiding? PvP?  Where?).


    I am not about to join any game that require me to PvP/Raid/RvR ever again.  EvE = trashcan.  WAR = trashcan.  WoW = trashcan.  I am a grouper.  Not a raider or a PvPer.  Days-in, Days-out...I want to group and be rewarded accordingly.


    PS: Yes, you can discern ANGER and lack of patience...but with over 50 MMOs and only 1 understanding is a miracle I am still even considering the genre.

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  • LougarouLougarou n/aPosts: 278Member


    PvE grouping against Nightmare monsters will give decent loots.

    PvP will give the best loots I think, but I'm really not sure (96vs96 battlegrounds).

    You should check it out still.

  • AnofalyeAnofalye Quebec, QCPosts: 7,433Member

    Originally posted by Lougarou

    PvE grouping against Nightmare monsters will give decent loots.
    PvP will give the best loots I think (96vs96 battlegrounds).

    Thanks for the info.


    Won't waste anyone's time, other devs who understand nothing.  I am out.

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  • MystralzMystralz ny, NYPosts: 48Member Uncommon

    :p nice

    walked away from comp to order some chinese to come back to a message from comrade



  • RoinRoin Baltimore, MDPosts: 3,260Member Uncommon

    I'm still surprised that the Key give away on File Planet is free, it doesn't actually require you to be a subscriber. 

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  • rusmelokrusmelok EburgPosts: 2Member

    in russia 2 closeBT , and mart  openBT

    sorry im bad speak engleash

  • rusmelokrusmelok EburgPosts: 2Member

    russian req site

  • cacapopocacapopo kitchcener, ONPosts: 2Member

    I was just wondering if they  are giving away free beta codes on the 29th of Feb where abouts do we go to get them ? Im really interested in getting 1 so if anyone has info on it pls leave a line thx

  • anotheraddicanotheraddic New Orleans, LAPosts: 44Member Common should have their keys available tomorrow according to curse gaming, they will most likely be on the front page

  • panther1o8panther1o8 portland, ORPosts: 3Member

    must get code!!! need to play good horror game

  • Joey_MurderJoey_Murder York, PAPosts: 1Member

    My aim name is Behindthemurder...


    If you could message me and let me get a code for Requiem that would be awesome..


    I want to beta test this game bad!

  • Firefly21Firefly21 Tampa, FLPosts: 6Member

    Hmm, I can’t seem to find a way to download this game. The site for the game only has 2 Links ATM.

    Requiem: Bloodymare
    Full Version Download (Which it says "COMING SOON")


    Download Also Available at
    1.FilePlanet (Which I can’t get a link for it to download.)

  • semantikronsemantikron Edwardsville, ILPosts: 258Member

    I'm currently downloading from the official site.  It's incredibly slow atm.  I'm getting ~50 kbps throughput.

    Also in queue for the Fileplanet DL using their downloader.   If you're having trouble with the Fileplanet link, you may need to install their DL applet.

    Anyone know where their beta servers are hosted?   It seems like a Euro game, so I'm expecting high latency if I ever get this thing up and running.

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  • IceAgeIceAge SomeWhere In .. RomaniaPosts: 1,442Member Rare

    I am downloading it also , 10 min left , hope it's a good game :)

    I don't know where their servers are located , but yea .. the download it's kinda slow!

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  • xenogiasxenogias warsaw, INPosts: 1,926Member

    I was going to DL from there site but 30 hrs? screw that. Currently down to 3 min till starting fileplanet but if it shows 20+ hours for another f2p game I'm going to have to pass. This game looks fun but I'm just not that patient when I have p2p games to play to :P

    Though for a chance to play what looks to be a decent horror game I may put up with the DL :)

  • Firefly21Firefly21 Tampa, FLPosts: 6Member

    Cool, download ATM, i should have it in... 2-3 hours

    The one at the game site takes forever... it would take at least a week


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