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General: GDC Talk With the Turbine Team

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

While at the Game Developer's Conference, the team from Turbine sat down to talk with the team from about the company and the games that they make.

While at the Game Developer’s conference in San Francisco, the team had the opportunity to sit down with the folks from Turbine to talk about the company as a whole and even a little bit about the game. Joining us there were: Craig Alexander, the Vice President of Product Development for the company, along with Jeffrey Steefel Lord of the Rings Online’s Producer and Adam Mersky, the Director of Public Relations.
We began by talking to Craig about Turbine as a whole. He told us that the plan for Turbine and its games is evolutionary as they continue to build on what’s already in place to grow both the business and the games that Turbine produces.
These days, we were told, there are really four themes that Turbine follows:
Going Global – While many of us here in North America tend to look at the games industry from the perspective of the western market, Turbine is looking beyond that. The launch of Lord of the Rings Online in China and Korea are playing a large role in the company’s expansion.

Read it all here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • solareussolareus Nottingham, PAPosts: 3,165Member

    Think it is pretty amazing that they just bluntly say ddo is making money for them, I tried the trial and the game was packed full of people. Kudos !

    "Freedom is just another name for nothing left to lose" - Janis Joplin

  • ElapsedElapsed Posts: 2,325Member Uncommon

    Asheron's Call doesn't exist. Poor AC.

  • we3sterwe3ster northamptonPosts: 355Member

    DDO has always been a good and different game, so I am not surprised its making a significant amount of money. Its here to stay now after just achieveing its second birthday.

    For me, even 2 years on, its the best looking MMO out there, with the best combat and the best dungeons period.

    Kudos Turbine and long may you prosper.

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  • jtp51jtp51 Omaha, NEPosts: 7Member

    I'm glad DDO is making money as well... but, I'm more thankful for the fact that they will stress game play and experience.


  • porgieporgie Dallas, TXPosts: 1,516Member


    No news that they are going to bring back Asheron's Call 2?  


    I still miss that game.  Even to this day. 


  • bamwallabamwalla MountainsPosts: 156Member Uncommon

    Heh,  AC2 was a disaster (although a fun one) right from the get-go.  Better just let that one sleep.

    "Removing Barriers for the User – Turbine wants to make their games as user-friendly as possible, and point toward a desire to keep the game clients as streamlined as possible as something that they have been working hard to accomplish."

    I think maybe AC doesn't fit into this belief, therefor let's not mention it.  Seeing as there are 8 year old bugs in the game.

    Ride that LOTRO wave Turbine!  Hope it lasts forever.

  • xenogiasxenogias warsaw, INPosts: 1,926Member

    Maybe I am missing something but the more transparent Turbine is, wouldnt that make the players MORE suprised at what the updates give?

    Anywho, Turbine has a gem on there hands with LOTRO. Unfortunatly streamlineing it seems to include makeing sure untrained monkies can play it. Its a good game, with a great storyline and the books are awesome (only half way through book 12 but book 11 was one of the best story arc quests I have ever seen in an MMO). Book 13 is sposed to add class customization so we will see if it changes enough that every hunter, guardian, captain, champion, loremaster, and minstrel arent the same.

  • KhebelnKhebeln DoncasterPosts: 725Member Uncommon

    You are not he only one m8, i always will remeber Ac2 as the mmo with the best community ever, played ac2 since late alpha till the end when it died and to this day i have alot of good memories regarding this game.

    I have to admit that Microsoft unfortunatly pushed the game at start significly, when the game itslef should be developed for another 6-9 months.... but hey everyone joked that Ac2 was testing ground for engine for Lotr and in the end we where unfortunatly right :P I just hope they implement some of thouse new engine goodies in DDO to like proper look of thouse damm tree in dd, they are as bad looking like in ac2, Come on, There is nothing worse when something dont fit :) I saw they impelemented the distant tree trick within the newest modlule 6 so i dont see reason to not update trees that look almost the same and definitly not like trees ^^

    I would say Dungeon look 10/10 best dungeon ever made, outside quests (old ones 3/10) After sinking sands 6/10 And the newest ones looks even beter, thou thouse crappy looking trees anoyme beyond imagination ^^

    Atm i have alot of spare power and DDO runs 110fps maxed in 1680x1050 when Dx10 Lotr runs 55-60fps Maxed and in same resolution.

    Ohh maybe someone remeber Tactican Class from ac2 ? I wil allways remeber this class as THE most innovative and unique class ever made :) For some reason thx to that class in groops you had fun camping spots even for houers when doing same in other games you could not stand it even for 1h :>

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  • PeskiePeskie ChelmsfordPosts: 1Member

    Nice to know that Turbine are only interested in new player base; RIP Asherons Call .... great game ... shame they treated it so.

  • graillgraill erty, MOPosts: 257Member

    sorry, cant give shawn and his boy any kudos, the turbine crew has a couple of folks that act like scared little rodents throwing phrases around like "i deserve this because of my station" etc, etc. sorry chumps you dont deserve anything including the luck you folks have in holding the LOTR fanbase, for now.

    nice interview though. very blunt.

    can you smell that?!!...............there is nothing quite like it.....................the smell of troll in the morning............i love that smell.

  • CerionCerion Santa Monica, CAPosts: 1,005Member

    Originally posted by graill

    sorry, cant give shawn and his boy any kudos, the turbine crew has a couple of folks that act like scared little rodents throwing phrases around like "i deserve this because of my station" etc, etc. sorry chumps you dont deserve anything including the luck you folks have in holding the LOTR fanbase, for now.
    nice interview though. very blunt.

    wtf are you talking about??


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  • JamkullJamkull somewhere, ILPosts: 214Member

    heh, It's funny how AC is the bast*rd child now.  But it would have been nice to hear some information about IF they plan to develop a new game or not, based on AC.  Or even just go with a new idea but incorporate some elements of old from AC 1 that have shown to be great elements.  ie. Ongoing storyline with monthy content, tinkering instead of crafting so we can customize items to your liking, skill based game vise class based.

    But it looks like The Chronicles of Spellborn is handling that pretty nicely... so there is probably no need :P

  • JonathJCenJonathJCen Galveston, TXPosts: 193Member

    I would have liked to have heard something about Asheron's Call. Curious about it's future.

  • I'm not a player of either of Turbines games atm but I've tested 'em and must say Turbine are good devs in terms of supporting their game. The message that they will try communicating improvements of their games sounds great since that's a really important aspect of todays MMOs IMHO. I wish Turbine all the best. I'm always thinking about returning to LOTRO since I like the environments and the lore so much. Haven't played since release so I figure since the game reached book 12 (!) very much have happened since my last visit.

  • KOrnfan4evrKOrnfan4evr Manteca, CAPosts: 334Member
    Originally posted by -Jaguar-

    Asheron's Call doesn't exist. Poor AC.

    I shed a tear when my search for ac in that article was failed =(  Miss the ol days of ac-dt

  • DTashariHGDTashariHG Boston, MIPosts: 2Member

    Yeah um Turbine are a bunch of liars they give credit to LOTR for making them who they are?..Asherons call got them there.  And yet they abanond the players and spend about 20 minutes a month to think of an idea for patch.  The servers are laggyier then ever or down half the month..  I'm so glad I've been a loyal customer since 1999 thanks alot when u finally shut down ac i will never recommend turbine to anyone u invest time into a game for them to turn there backs on you.  Have fun with LoTR hope the servers meltdown and it cost the company millions

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