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LF game with good PvP

jusomdudejusomdude Posts: 2,530Member Uncommon

Want a game with a good PvP system.

I guess I'd prefer factional PvP. I don't want to play a game where I have to be max level to PvP. Prefer minimal twinks. Don't want a game where I'll be constantly ganked while trying to level.

Would like some sort of objective based PvP. I don't care about player looting but would like some sort of reward for PvP.

Games PvP I already tried:





Any ideas?


  • BargeBarge Sacramento, CAPosts: 65Member

    Been looking for that same game, and have been trying out EVE for a bit, pretty intense stuff not alot of MMOs can make you truely pissed that you lost a fight.

  • nevrosisnevrosis Ottawa, ONPosts: 17Member

    DOAC is a good one ... but DOAC is getting kind of old.

    None of the MMO's out there offert THE ULTIMATE PVP SYSTEM.

    Let's just hope for WarHammer!


  • MaldusterMalduster Houston, TXPosts: 109Member

    Join those who wait for Darkfall.

    Other than that, its WAR I guess... hopefully it should come out before end of april

  • ZikielZikiel Cincinnati, OHPosts: 1,138Member

    Shadowbane? It's pvp-centric, but you'll need to be a high level.. Luckily, you can max out a character in about 4 days. You'll need to find a guild though..

  • MaldusterMalduster Houston, TXPosts: 109Member

    They're about to reset all shadowbane servers, so its just gonna be like playing a game at launch... personally i cudnt stand the game cuz of the controls..

  • ObraikObraik ChristchurchPosts: 7,261Member

    Star Wars Galaxies has a pretty large focus on PvP.  The only thing that goes against what you want is that PvP in SWG is mostly end-game content.  There's nothing to stop low-level's PvPing if they want to, however there is no instanced PvP, so you're vulnerable to being attacked by high-levels.

    PvPing gains you GCW points which goes towards increasing your rank.  Each rank gives you access to new rewards that improve the higher up you get.  As you move into the final 6 ranks (also known as the Officer Ranks) you gain new abilities for your character.  These also suffer decay and if you don't meet your decay by the end of the week then you risk decaying and possibly losing the rank and whatever ability came with it, so there's incentive to keep PvP'ing.

    There are also various PvP zones around the galaxy that give rewards.  Restuss has a number of quests within it that give both XP and also weapons and armour...your ability to complete these quests depends on if your faction has control of the city though.  There are another 3 zones on different planets that give different levels of rewards (mostly stims - items that can give you additional heals) the longer your faction holds the zone.  These zones can be host to some rather large scale PvP battles, especially when those PvP zones have been held by opposite faction for a long period of time.



  • m00r3m00r3 VarnaPosts: 27Member Uncommon

    Well a good PvP game i will suggest 12sky.

    Because it has its equall share of PvE and PvP.

    Personaly i think the PvP is awsome

  • thelawoflogicthelawoflogic mars, FLPosts: 750Member Uncommon

    there dark space defence online

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