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Looks extremely childish

mike470mike470 General Correspondent-unknown-Posts: 2,396Member

I usually don't judge games by graphics buuuutt..

   This game looks like something my 5 year old neighbor would play on his Nintendo DS.  Mabye it has good gameplay, but it looks extremely childish to me.  The opening picture looks like a fluffy, green dinasour. 

   Hopefully this game has better play than graphics.


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  • crush652crush652 SYDNEYPosts: 1Member
    Hey can u plz tell me how i send messages like u did at the start of the screen
  • caemsgcaemsg aucklandPosts: 105Member

    im not that interested in graphics either but there is only so much i can deal with and those are nasty graphics

  • fighterdanfighterdan Even-YehudaPosts: 5Member

    this looks like a very bad game,

    i dont know who are the weird people who

    voted for amazing graphics

  • Gam3d4rKGam3d4rK Buenos AiresPosts: 146Member

    I really like this game, it looks so amazing ^_^ but i hate the laggers into the game =_=


  • veiveveive Arlington, TXPosts: 1Member

    The gameplay is reasonable, movement is not noticeably buggy at all.


    That being said the game is extremely childish in gameplay and I am uninstalling it.


    I would not recommend this game.

  • LunarheartsLunarhearts ha noiPosts: 29Member

    someone pls help me to register in this game can?


  • stimulatedstimulated LancsPosts: 15Member

    Oh dear.... I was simply scanning over the game list browsing the new games that were on... And then this.

    I agree this looks childish and I would not even bother to click the download link. Yeah fine it might be ok for a 6 year old but who let's a 6 year old on a PC..

    Anyway rant over.. I'm sure the gameplay is smooth but other than that... Bleh?




  • AznChimpAznChimp Attleboro, MAPosts: 35Member
    agreed worste shooting game ever i prefere Halo 3

    AznChimp and his other self ShigideyDawg

  • CuteSarah55CuteSarah55 Owosso, MIPosts: 5Member
    Originally posted by AznChimp

    agreed worste shooting game ever i prefere Halo 3



    People talk about dieing for their country, why don't they just kill for their country?

  • silentkill12silentkill12 Quezon CityPosts: 5Member

    I would look like a geek playing this game the graphics are for 8 years old below

  • Hunters14Hunters14 NovalichesPosts: 5Member

    I second opinion yeah it looks childish

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