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Im Dragoonheart, and ive played for 5 years.

RebowRebow NowherePosts: 1Member

As the topic says, im Dragoonheart, a lvl 100 Royal Paladin on the server Eternia.

I consider myself a fairly old player, and im one of those who have seen Tibia grow over the years.

I thought id share alittle of how is is to play this game, and give you a few hints if you wanna try it out...

Tibia is a fairly rare game of its kind. Its special in that way, that you can start playing, and not feeling your 1 year behind evryone else. Its easy to enjoy the place and the level your on.

The game does not focus on high details, and it does not have any sounds at all. But instead of that, it aims more at the adventure part. In Tibia, anything can happend. There are hundreds of quests, and many unsolved. There are places none has ever been, mysteries few have solved. You realy get to play yourself. Some are very offensive, and will kill  for fun, some are more intrested in quests and adventure (like me).


Heres are few ingame screen shoots of me, and my guild.

Im uploading in Imageshack..

Just when I took level 100, a great day for any Tibian. Got my best friends in the back there..


Me, with a team, trying to compleete the feard Explorers Quest. I realy hate Serpent Spawn.


Test Sever some time ago, I managed to piss of a Game Master.. (Lady Mania) So she sendt her little pets on me..  -.-


Also Test Server. The mighty Demon "Morgaroth" is set free in the Desert.. I died 2 seconds after.


I killed my first Demon.


Me and a few friends killing Dragon Lords.


Me fighting evil in the Efreet Fort.


Me and 4 other insane friends trying to compleete a mission in the Svargrond Mines. (We did it)


Me making the news. (Sorta proud of that one)


My guild exploring new places. Poor Spinus, diddnt see that comming..



Well, that alittle of the game, lots of fun, and good times with friends.


A few hints to a new player:

Try playing thil level 20, and if you dont like it, quit. Dont give up while in Rookard, and dont give up if someone kills you. Be kind to other players, and dont attack without reason. Dont steal, or insult.

Find a server with few players on. Its easyer to make money from items, then older servers.

You will start in Rookard, a little island, in the lands of Tibia. You cant kill other players here.

First start killing Rats in the sewer, to make alittle gold to buy some better equipment and a rope in the shops from an NPC, or from other players.

Then when your about level 3 or 4, go outside the city, and exploore. Dont worry, you can always run back if its too hard. Try killing Trolls, Wolfs and Bears.

Dont worry about getting good skills in Rookard, it does not matter what you use.. A Mace, or a Sword is just fine.

When you are level 8, go to the oracle in the city, and say Hello. She will ask you what vocation you want to be.. (Knight, Paladin, Druid or Sorcer).. And then what city you want to go to. Go to Thais. thats a somewhat good place, with close hunting grounds around.


Knight - Mele Weapons only, easy to play, and easy to gain levels alone.

Paladin - Alittle more dificult to play, can kill very strong monsters at a low level, but needs allot of space to run/shoot on. Its alittle hard to make good money in the beginning, but easyer after a while.

Sorcer - Dificult to play, has little health, but can deal heavy magic damage in single shoots. A very offensive vocation. Is also very expensive in gold to play. Feard by all other vocations, because they can do so much damage, over so little time.

Druid - Same as sorcer, but has more defensive magic, such as healing spells. But has also very strong offensive spells.




  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

     Nice post, and i like your screenshots

  • d0gz1llad0gz1lla ljubljanaPosts: 77Member Uncommon

    nice post, yeah your totaly right about quests, its completly diffrent system of quest then in other mmo. Here you do not need to kill this kill that and so on. Here you need to know what u are doing to make a quest, remeber the 10k vocation quest, 4 vocation to make it and 4 items from each vocation.


    Well i played for 3 years (maybe less or more) but mytheria was a shitty place to be :)  i got to 39 lvl,  but im ok, i had alot of fun whit friends and stuff. I even enjoyed the wars "for freedom" fighting the power abusers haha good times.




    R.I.P my dear MOTHER (1965-2004)

  • DragoonheartDragoonheart DrammenPosts: 3Member

    If someone wants to see more "Up to date screenshoots" WoT Forum is a good place to look.

    Here is a link to the SS section:

    World of Tibia Sceenshoots



  • AurixAurix StockholmPosts: 5Member

    Those screenshots are broken.

    You can use this service to upload images:

    they wont be broken then

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