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Blue mage or Red Mage?

BolmungBolmung Guntersville, ALPosts: 24Member

can someone tell me what exactly a red mage or a blue mage(black sorcerer) can do?



  • xRaz0rxRaz0r Everett, WAPosts: 7Member

    I can.

    A lot of people are like, "LOLZ BL00 MAGEZ PWN U". And they are pretty good, if you use them right. A blue mage can become a black sorcerer or a white wizard. Well, you CAN become both, but... nobody really does that, because, let's face it - you'd suck if you tried. My opinion? White wizard sucks big time. White wizard is for buffing. Yay. Crappy buffing, at that. If you want to be a buffer, I suggest becoming a yellow mage, which is a branch of the red mage. But we'll get to that later. As you may have guessed, black sorcerer weakens the enemy. A lot. It hurts. Ouch. Black sorcerer's cool, because they're not COMPLETELY screwed on their own, like a yellow mage usually is. They're also good in a party (of PKers. They don't make much difference in parties, sorry to say. They're like everyone else.) Blue mages also have a pretty good attack, called Ice Driver. You can shove some ice in a Fist Warrior or Blade Warrior's face! Yay! And it hurts a lot, if you're a black sorcerer. Even if you're not, it's pretty damn awesome, but to hit, your enemy has to be like, right in your face. As with mages in most games, your HP isn't all that epic. I'd watch it if I were you. Blades 'n Fists have ranged attacks, as well. Black Sorcerers do have a buff, though. It can only be used on himself or herself. It's the last skill you get as a Black Sorcerer, though, so don't count on it as a low level. (With all the Rock Island bug abusers, though, leveling's a breeze. I still can't believe that hasn't been fixed after a year. I'm going to suggest you don't play at all, as there hasn't been an update since like, 2005. It's dupers galore. But I'm not here for that, I'm here to answer your questions 'bout the mages.) Blue Mages and Red Mages pretty much have the same Master Skills, give or take the fire and ice concept. They look different sometimes, yeah, but they're pretty much the same thing. They're good either way. I'm not going to tell you what they are; find out yourself at level 100. >=D

    Alrighty, that's enough about Blue Mage. Red Mage is a tad overlooked. (Aww, poor baby.) Red Mage only gets one subclass, while Blue Mage has two, the Black Sorcerer and the White Wizard. White Wizard is half passed useless anyways, so... they're pretty balanced. Nobody picks White Wizard. Except Grayblue. Who was really epic. I don't know if he plays anymore, but if you see him, say hi for Kuro. If he remembers me. Which he won't. Ahem. Anyways. While the Blue Mage has many tactics to switch between and a lot more flexibility, Red Mage usually only uses Meteor Shower. In PvP, anyways. Nobody really cares what they do to level, right? I suggest if you're some nub in v2, which is the second floor of the Delphiroth Dungeon, that you save yourself the humiliating death and use something other than Meteor Shower. You'll see. It hits many monsters/players within its range many times, so... your party will have a good LOLZ laughing at you while you run from 5 bosses you lured onto your poor soul using Meteor Shower. Not fun. (Seriously, they're not going to help you. V2 trips are expensive.) Yellow Mages are pretty good, actually. Most of your buffs are for use on yourself. There are a few you can ONLY use on other players, such as Warm. It's an attack buff. A pretty good one, too, if you level it up. But the buffs you get for yourself are pretty good, as well. Takes care of the "mages are easy to kill" aspect, sometimes. (Not all the time. Mages are easy to kill if they don't kill you first. Which is why mages must be fast. I hope you're fast, sir. Speaking of speed, Yellow Mages have buffs for that, too, and just about everything else. Woot!)

    You decide. Really, it's up to you. They're the same in a lot of ways. It's up to personal preference on this one. Are you a buffer, or do you like weakening? There's your answer. Hope I helped. I'd help you on the game, but I quit like, a year ago. Nothing's changed since then, I promise you. And nothing ever will change. Because the people who run this game are lazy asses. <_< Also, you'll be faced with a startling question at a high level... "What now?" That's when I expect to see you in the Turf Battles quitters' lounge. See ya soon.

    -Kuro, retired Blade Warrior.

  • speedy1313speedy1313 quesnel, BCPosts: 1Member

    I have a red mage lvl 131. But the main reason that i'm writing to ask if you know y turf battles servers are not working and if you do could you plz tell me? sorry to change the topic.

  • xRaz0rxRaz0r Everett, WAPosts: 7Member

    Not a clue. Probably the fault of the crappy GMs again.

    The answer to your question?


  • vinniej55vinniej55 koog lolPosts: 18Member

    Well blue mage were the strongest characters ingame, like me i was the stronges duan bm and one of the strongest GC Bm`s i was Skillz_Only_Kill ak OLU

  • yingjieluoyingjieluo FuzhouPosts: 5Member

    Black skills are for blue mage,coruse of the black skills,blue mage fights cool,and even manna steal can not kill blue mage when it is in Manna Save.. so.. blue mage was the only class could be killed when it was 300 lvl in Turf Battles.


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