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Scrolls of Resurrection (U.S. version)

LokeroLokero Posts: 908Member Uncommon

Have 5 up on my account at the moment, if anyone needs a scroll, either reply with your email address, or PM it to me.

This is for the U.S. version.


  • LokeroLokero Posts: 908Member Uncommon

    I have 3 scroll invites left(U.S.) if anyone is looking to get back into WoW again.  Reply with your email or PM it to me.

  • KyarraKyarra Posts: 750Member Uncommon

    I would love one please. Thanks!

  • LokeroLokero Posts: 908Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Riverstar

    I would love one please. Thanks!

    You got it.

  • KatovaKatova Yadkinville, NCPosts: 184Member

    nvm i don't need one anymore



  • AtohAtoh Dearborn, MIPosts: 107Member Uncommon

    Hmm, I might as well get in the spirit of things.


    PM me with your email addy and I'll send ya one as well.


    (I'd prefer you PM it to me, for your sake, so tards like the spammer above don't get ahold of it.)

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