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Tibia anyone?

DeathreatDeathreat Manalapan, NJPosts: 142Member Uncommon
Why have I never heard of Tibia on this website, ever, and it is one of the longest running yet still updated and player filled mmorpgs out there. Is it because its 2D? Doubt it. It may be 2D but has a huge world, many quests and tons of players including many different servers and server types. I just dont get it. Tibia should have its own forum here.


  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 NAPosts: 1,848Member Common

    Thread moved to Tibia forum.(The "Dare to be different: choose a less active forum"-meny on top has all the forums).

  • DeathreatDeathreat Manalapan, NJPosts: 142Member Uncommon

    Wow , I most humbly say, I got owned.

  • LeCompte19LeCompte19 Manalapan, NJPosts: 9Member

    Here is why you have not heard of this game.

    It was just a college project started by a few German grad students and it then turned into a business. From there they improved it upto the 7.6 update. But I shall not get into that here.

    The thing is, there really aren't too many quests to do here. The only ones worth doing require way too much game play. Every server (aka world) is different though. I have played both pvp and non-pvp and to be honest with you, the same problem arise except in non-pvp you cannot directly kill someone.


    Anyway, all in all this game was good, you just missed the glory days. Perhaps they shall return.

  • BBlackfordBBlackford Fort Collins, COPosts: 24Member

    Tons of people get angry at the SNES graphics + complete lack of sound... Personally I think it's a smart move on CIP's behalf, Tibia's low specs enable it be played on any average PC out there.

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  • AtomyAtomy HarlingenPosts: 76Member Uncommon

    Yes, the glory days are over. Don't waste your time on the game now, updates ruined it a while ago.

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