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Noobie question : Is JE an expansion/upgrade or a new game?

CyberWizCyberWiz AntwerpPosts: 950Member Uncommon

What I mean is, if I start playing Jumpgate now, will my character be transfered/upgraded to Jumpgate Evolution? Or will Jumpgate Evolution run next to Jumpgate?


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  • ilipthgoreilipthgore aucklandPosts: 5Member

    i imagine JG will be decomitioned and JGE will be the only game,as it stands JGE is really only making JG look better bigger ect with massive GFX upgrades and larger universe.

  • AristidesAristides Boulder, COPosts: 172Member

    I'm sure your character won't be transferred.  The devs have said they are two different games.

  • AmbrosiusAmbrosius Drexel Hill, PAPosts: 75Member

    Jumpgate Evolution will be an entirely new game with a similar setting.  No character transfer.  But I'd still highly recommend trying Jumpgate Classic. 

    -- Ambros.

  • AristidesAristides Boulder, COPosts: 172Member

    More info has come to light now that JGE's blackout period seems to have ended.  They've remade it as a PvP action game, and won't have any of the old hauling and mining gameplay.

    The old Jumpgate is still more of a flight-fight-and-trading space sim, kind of sandboxy but a lot smaller than EVE.  Both games let you fly your own ship.  If you just like fighting, JGE is probably for you.  If you like some of the old space-trader games (and you think fighting is fun too), old Jumpgate may be worth your time.

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