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Build the Best Character 3

smilysmily NewYork, NYPosts: 12Member

Soldier: Soldier is equipped best. Advanced equipments can increase much in stamina and strength. So what’s the orientation of Soldier? To be of high-strength? Actually, attack is not low, but compared with the critical hit of rover and the multiple attacks of master, it’s a little bit…. Agility to rover has the same effect as strength to soldier, however, to rovers, agility will increase accuracy and dodge on the same ground. Therefore, soldier should develop into the assistant, exactly to be a tank. Use sneer-at while fighting for saving action time. How helpless the soldier is! His attack is lower than master while speed is slower than rover and his skill is the worst among all jobs. There is not alternative for soldier but to be a tank with the equipments of high defense and high stamina. Four or five points of stamina or certain strength or agility is recommended.

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  • smilysmily NewYork, NYPosts: 12Member

    Scholar: Stamina and wisdom mostly. The more stamina to be added, the better it will be. More wisdom is also needed. Keep MP meeting the ends for it can be added after one round of fighting. Stamina is in the primary position, for more stamina can guarantee the security of you and teammates better. Specific adding scheme is up to your favor.

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