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My disappointment.

SilverDevilSilverDevil Montreal, QCPosts: 5Member

Let me start off by saying that this game is not without merit. A relatively good way to pass the time for those into the hack and slash genre. It's basically a variant of RO, minus the bots. I'd been playing for about a month on the new (Nisrok) server before losing interest. Here are my grievances.

1- Clear signs of an imminent bot take-over: simple security measures, minor penalties to offenders and a tame voice on the subject by the Dev and GM teams.

2- Mismanagement of in-game events. Many users report not receiving promised prizes and deadlines/ appointed times are rarely respected.

3- Money talks. Cash shops sell items that totally negate level differences in characters ( ridiculous atk + def bonuses from a single scroll). Why grind away when you can just throw a few bucks around, eh?

4- Latency of patches.  This game is basically a translated rip from China.. I have no idea as to why they can't even manage to bring in a secondary quest suited to all the high lvled players.


Bottom line: not a sound long-term investment of time.







  • KorbyKorby Irvine, CAPosts: 499Member

    Took the words right out of my mind and mouth. I couldn't agree more.

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