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Top Duo Teams?

Tutu2Tutu2 MelbournePosts: 570Member Uncommon

Recently starting two boxing, and I'd some ideas on what class combos makes a good duo team. (Not a huge fan of brawlers.) Thanks for any suggestions!


  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    not quite the answer you are looking for

    but the SOE class boards often have threads asking about this

  • shadout00shadout00 Aloha, ORPosts: 253Member

    Think I helped answer one of these posts before in the past.


    Brigands are very good tankers as scouts. Paired with a fury they are nice since both can DPS well. Fury can heal enough. Actually any healer like a defiler, warden or fury would work amazing. The only problem is that if you are 2 boxing its hard to mash buttons as a brig since you need to mvoe around a lot to do some of the moves.

    I was going to say a bruiser and defiler but you already dont want a brawler.  I really think a brigand and one of those healers are considered the best duos around.


  • openedge1openedge1 My City, ALPosts: 2,582Member


    Brigand and Warden or Fury will do. Warden leans more towards healing, Fury more towards decide...

    I run with my wife who plays a Paladin of all things, and I am a Warden...but, the Paladin really requires some concentration on threat, not good for two boxing..

    Hey, just get yourself a woman gamer...then life will be complete!


  • LeucentLeucent Penticton, BCPosts: 2,371Member


  • isolorisolor North Smithfield, RIPosts: 189Member

    I have been EQ2 for 3 years now, and my friends Warden and my Shadow night work great together. shadownights have lifetaps and decent dps, and with the wardens heal over times and his decent damage. we have little problems duoing.  Another combo is Swashbuckler/Inquisitor. Swashbucklers with the right AA can tank quite well with the inquisitor's heals and debuffs. and Swashbucklers are better aoe the brigands.


    Just an opinion, But it works for us.

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