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Build the Best Character

smilysmily NewYork, NYPosts: 12Member

Now, let’s have a quick view over how do advanced players build their characters of different career


Magician: As the career tutor said, magician and his equipments need wisdom, stamina and luck. However, luck in current beta version has little effect, so player should add more stats to wisdom and stamina. Wisdom affects the magic attack directly and stamina character’s survival. Personally speaking, agility is not so important, the chance of miss depends more on the level disparity between character and monster or characters. When it comes to the fighting between magicians, higher agility will help get the upper hand. Magician is good at single attack and group attacks, so some wisdom is needed. Player who prefers fighting alone need more stamina. Three points of wisdom and two points of stamina concurrently is recommended.

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