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Hopefully not another copy of Eve

nocromannocroman Ortonville, MIPosts: 15Member

This sounds like it could be a good game, Eve started out to look good but went to solid PVP which left single players who wanted to create thier own corporations and space stations out in the cold. It also left more than half of the universe unexplorable for those that build and aren't terrorists, and bullies. If they make PVP a choice I could see myself playing this game for many years. 



  • KulthosKulthos Richland, WAPosts: 89Member

    I agree, I want an EVE-like game with less ganking.

  • KufraKufra TuzlaPosts: 7Member

    Game looks like its going to be good.!!!

    I agree with you guys,we need a EVE like game

    but it has to be cheaper than eve,i would play this game but money is my problem but we will c what will come out of this .... !!!


  • ArngorfArngorf HumlebPosts: 25Member

    The pvp in EVE is EVE... the rest is either supplementing to the pvp or for the pvp...

    Giving you a choice to disable pvp in EVE you might as well not play the game..

    I know I sound like a fanboi.. but the truth is that if you want an EVE like game someone needs to find out what else to do than pvp..

  • mutatormutator grimstadPosts: 131Member

    guess what it is something called player vs npc and it is a great thing if the npc's have a brain like they do in strategy games...

  • ultimusmagusultimusmagus Galloway, NJPosts: 4Member

    PvE has been around longer than PvP. To pretend otherwise is laughable. A game can survive just fine without PvP... sadly UO has died before we get a chance to see it.


    Colony Studios site is down, and development for the game has been suspended.

  • boognish75boognish75 lancaster, NYPosts: 1,540Member Uncommon

    I long for a clone of earth and beyond, an exploring, crafting, quest, raid aspects of earth and beyond would be great, as well as npc's that were not all ships, you had monsters and named monsters in earth and beyond you could kill for loot and comps to craft, ahhh i miss that game so much.

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • ZeroMinutesZeroMinutes Philadelphia, PAPosts: 5Member

    Development is suspended ??? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • RossdieRossdie Taylor, MIPosts: 9Member

    I really hope they get back to developing this game, I really would like to see a cross between Earth and Beyond and EVE. It would make a great game.

  • KorbyKorby Irvine, CAPosts: 499Member

    "Another copy?"


    Name one copy of Eve.

  • mutatormutator grimstadPosts: 131Member

    copies of eve? hmm i believe its like this. as long as a game has some of the same characteristics as another, then they are probably classified as copies. so here is the reason. eve is a old game (or not very old but a bit its not new) and there were games made after eve. eve suddenly became popular and then when less known games (made a bit like it with ships and different factions and mining osv...)  they are automatically judged by the people who didnt like eve before they even try it. therefore its a matter of timing like wow. thats another "popular" game it got just as many players as it got people who hates it. and every time i see a new game that reminds me a "bit" about wow then i watch the forums and sometimes even count the post's of people who said "this is just another copy of wow" or "damnit i was looking for something else not a new type of wow" this is after experience ofcourse i dont know if its the same case with eve but i guess it is since its alot better then wow. i cant name a copy right here and now i am tired and are going to bed but did this satisfy for a alternative answer?

  • KorhindiKorhindi Reno, NVPosts: 395Member Common

    Well, being Colony Studios have not updated their web page since November of 2007, one can speculate this project is dead.  At the very least, very much on indefinite hold.

  • PunkerRpGPunkerRpG las vegas, NVPosts: 1Member

    Hummm, Developers rethinking story an gameplay?  what going on about it, are they reporting any progress?

  • tlbabstlbabs Flagstaff, AZPosts: 30Member

    Need an Eve copy, look at Taikodom.

  • solnicarissolnicaris Farmington, NHPosts: 148Member

    Taikodom is not an EVE but it is a FREE substitute until something else comes out. I will be emailing the devs at Universe Online so I can update my website but I will post anything I get here on information. The game does have some promise but maybe there funding dried up? No updates in over a year on a MMO is not a good sign.

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  • SwankyBoySwankyBoy Posts: 233Member Uncommon

    in a way it would be kind of nice to have another EVE because i have been playing EvE for 2 years now and i am still so much behind in the game... with the slow moving skillpoints system, i will never be able to catch up with people that have been playing the game for 4 years... it would be nice to get a fresh start


  • elderotterelderotter Syracuse, NYPosts: 651Member

    I went to the site and tried to send an email requesting info on the game.  Apparently the address for inquiries no longer exists.  Maybe some one else should try to see if they have better results.  I think this game has died though.

  • CopenhagenCopenhagen Sherwood, ARPosts: 57Member Uncommon

    The problem with Eve Online is that it's Super Boring for the people that want to start playing the game now.  It's a Sandbox game.


    It is not New User Friendly at all.


    Then if you actually do decide to stay and play "Like I did"  You spend endless amounts fo time running the Same Missions Over and Over and Over and Over...until you actually turn blue in the face.


    Then you finally get a crappy Battle ship rigged up to go out and experience what all this PVP Hype is all about.....BAM!   Your ship blows up....



    Rinse and repeat...


    Not really my cup of tea.


    I like PVP  But I don't want to repeat the last 6 months all over again just to get blown up again in 30 seconds.   A complete waste of time.



    I mean really?   Lets look at EVE Online if it was a FPS.  Like say COD   (The reason I'm comparing Eve to an FPS game is because FPS games are usually PVP games like every that is such a big fan of Eve says Eve is ...a PVP Game.)


    What if every time I died in COD4  All my achievements were deleted, and I had to go back through the whole game unlocking everything again?   The game would not do very well.


    Eve Online does very well with a "Set Cliche" of gamers....that appearently like this "Risk Factor" thing in said game.


    News Flash, Not everyone likes that type of gaming.   Which is the reason that Eve Subscriptions will never climb no higher than they already are.


    Yeah, so I'm bitter.   Because I like EVE...but it was totally not what I expected, nor was looking for in a space game.

  • Pcgamer81Pcgamer81 rockford, ILPosts: 186Member

    I did trial of EVE online recently and that game is just horrible. i respect it open sandbox but camera and shooting where pain off the bat thats just the start of what i DISLIKED not hate. EVE is great game i think if your willing to spend lot of time learning and adjusting to the system and features.

  • SheistaSheista Nixa, MOPosts: 1,203Member Uncommon

    I don't get why people want a game -like- EVE.  Most of the features in EVE work because of other features.  If EVE had no PvP, it would have no economy.  If there was no economy, there would be no point to craft, thus destroying literally half of what makes EVE, EVE.  PvE is possible because of PvP in EVE, and vice versa.  Yes, majority of people in EVE play in Empire space, but those people would have no purpose or drive without the PvPers creating a demand for anything.

    In addition, the fact that such a large portion of the game space is player owned... well that is a MAJOR feature of EVE.

    You don't want EVE.  You want WoW in space, and that's not meant to sound condescending, but that's literally what people are asking for when they say they want EVE without PvP.

  • CopenhagenCopenhagen Sherwood, ARPosts: 57Member Uncommon



    Actually that is what I want.  To be quite honest.


    WoW in Space would be very nice :)

  • Pcgamer81Pcgamer81 rockford, ILPosts: 186Member

    I want both PVE and PVP i just didn't like the feel of the camera the way you shoot weapons so forth. what i want is in sense like WoW or city of heroes or like other mmo's in that i grab mission deliver goods with possible pirate threat or something. with maybe missions with pvp option. i like pvp but i don't like any mmo don't matter how good game is if i'm forced into pvp. like star wars galaxies i feel like pvp i go to restuss or hoth. what hate about EVE is forced pvp yeah i know it's for economy but it breaks the rule of mine no forced pvp. other then that eve could be very enjoyable long term i think.

  • decoy26517decoy26517 Atlanta, GAPosts: 313Member

    Is this game even still around anymore?

    "World of Warcraft is the perfect implementation of this genre." - Hilmar Petursson. CEO of CCP.

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