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"Join a clan!, Learn Kung, Fu!"

HakkerHakker Darien, CTPosts: 9Member

Anyone else think this is a lame ad? :P my friend says he likes the game, but arent things like joining clans pretty basic for an mmo now?



  • Double3dg3Double3dg3 MESQUITE, TXPosts: 1Member

    You don't necessarily need to join a "clan" if what you meant by clan is a Guild.

    Clans in this game is basically a race group which you are automatically required to join. By choosing your clan you attain the specialized skills or martial arts only available to that particular clan.

    Player organizations or guilds/clans (based on other games) are called "Hero Band" or Band of XXX.

    Something of that nature.


  • yclukycluk SomeWhere, ALPosts: 34Member

    Allow me to explain a little more for those are not familiar with Chinese history.

    There are many "legandary" Kung Fu clans in anicent China, and each of them specialize in different kind of martial arts.

    Some specialize in bare hand fighting, some use mainly their legs, some use sword, some use sticks, and many more.

    The NPC kung fu clans gives your character different skill sets, and it is not the player formed clans.

  • eipsteinduboeipsteindubo town, CAPosts: 1Member

    A Clan is not a guild, but similar to others like school.

  • fermentjeastfermentjeast ww, ALPosts: 2Member

    I like the chinese kung fu, also called martial art which is popular around the world nowadays. certainly I am also a big fan of 9 Dragons.

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