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Something I'd love

cain1983cain1983 clearwater, SCMember Posts: 34

Personally.. I'd love to see an mmorpg based around jet to jet dog fighting.. Something with the Ace combat series in mind.


Now heres what I have in mind.. What about you're nation is at war with other nations.. Or be given the choice to even be a merc. You start out with a basic fighter plan.. Maybe an f4 phantom or such. You work you way up getting better fighter chasis su 24 mig 29 on up and up.. These chasis are upgradable to what ever you can afford to put in them for better performance maybe better fuel consevation. More ammo. Better ammo.

No skills like uber heat seeking missle of doom. Like I said keep the stuff behind the ace combat series. With some added features such as above paint customizing, choice on who to fight and when. I'd love to see a great mmorpg like this. I'd diffinetly pay for it.

I know people are gonna say go play Ace combat 6. But I just like my PC. And besides.. Could you imagine the hairballs on such a massive scale. It'd be a rush. Something for a nich crowd. but something fun none the less


  • cain1983cain1983 clearwater, SCMember Posts: 34
    Gonna necro this. I heard of a came called Star Citizen that might have this kinda stuff in it
  • ghstwolfghstwolf hampstead, NHMember Posts: 386

    It's not that dogfighting would be a bad combat system.  At the same time, I question whether good jet to jet combat would be possible once latency is considered.  Dialing the tech back a bit to the prop planes of WWI and WWII should lessen latency demands.  That also opens several options for tuning as carbureted piston props were a bit finicky.  Playing with the A/F mix and prop (#of blades and pitch) can make a major difference while remaining largely self balancing.  (for example a richer mix being preferable at lower altitudes while sacrificing perfomance at higher altitudes)

    Another issue was that all you have is a battle ground with a lobby.  Sorry but the relatively thin "nations at war" backdrop is pretty dull.  Developing a real war could fix this, but that would be very at odds with the MOBA design you seem to be going for.  Then again, if you can attract and monetize FPS players this would be fine anyways.

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