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cutiechixcutiechix chicago, MNPosts: 95Member

where are you guys ?



what game you played as exchange to SD ?


i miss SD eventhough im a noob players still i want SD




  • hotpiehotpie san francisco, CAPosts: 191Member


    hi cute . .why are you looking for SD player from malysia? ?



    i heard SD (MY) was shutting down or it was already closed . . im not so sure of that . .


    im just passing by when i saw your post


    what happened? ?

  • cutiechixcutiechix chicago, MNPosts: 95Member


    gosh this is horrible i need something new . . .


    what should i gonna do . .


    this place become ghost section


  • makteranovamakteranova Johor BahruPosts: 4Member

    iam play sd gm say sd my will continues..

    but when...

    tooo many ma $$ lost..

    n gm go out only...


  • iAmHASSiAmHASS marlPosts: 1Member

    find the old sd veterans in sd india^^

    ActTheFool..cutmax..dataline..clair..Pele25..KANDYMAN..Myzio..SakuraHunt3r..Daddy77..EzayDaGreat..and many more..

    supreme destiny server i know

    after close all join wyd global..but the management destroy the game and its dying

    come play with us :)


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