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for anyone who plan to play this game

emptynaemptyna brampton, ONPosts: 11Member

i highly suggest you go play chinese server or any other international server.  the way igg host have totally ruin the few of the game feature. 

robot- in igg server you can only change robot every 20 level. because they set core price ten times higher then normal server rate in anywhere on earth.  which lead player mostly not possible to gain the robot of the right level.  and this means low attack, low defence and low hp...

bug- sinse CB million of the bug are been report.. but so far nothing have been fix, not even grammer/translation error.

cash shop- they set few of the stuff include robot core ten times normal price because there is a super robot for rent/buy in cash shop. they have remove many of the free stuff and planning to put in cash shop.  in china server you get a skill crystal when you start.. here you have to buy your first with cash.

event- event are terrible, mostly base on luck, and if GM don't like your name you never get anything from event.  so far there is only one kind of event which is hide and seek.

MOD- posting on forum and getting bann is something very common... MOD them self do play game, and they are rude sometime.  they give their own openion on bug your report, and sometime they told you they won't report it because they like the way it is....

pet- pet will be introduce very soon.. pet itself is sold at npc or boss drop. but you can't level it above level 35.. you will need to buy random package (on china sever it cost around 50 dollors on average) to get a pet involve ticket.. which allow your pet to grow up and level above 35.. then this happen again at level 55.

graphic- the way character look are just terrible.. and they really do need some serious work on frame.. it hurt my eye badly when my character move.

ride/robot- there are super version in cash shop, also gear to plug on them which is also in cash shop.  in this game the one with most of the money wins...  you don't have to spend time to level up.. all you need is cash.. with cash you can get super gear from random package, super ride, max level in 2 hours.... taiwan T_T

collection card(and more)- not introduce on north america server..

to conclude all.. the game worth only rate of 5/10.. and after adding the fact how igg host it... i would rate it 3/10.. well if you like it i suggest go china server... or try RO which is much much better..



  • WingForceWingForce LagunaPosts: 8Member

    Well first, that aint a good example of the game, your only giving negative things, and it makes less people download it. IGG won't fix a non-active game. And some bugs may attract other players.

    Also you should put better spelling xD It's pretty bad, lot's of miss spelling. It's best to attract people to games such as this. And I think what you ment by RO is Rose Online, which is payed for, not free to play.


    Angels Online seems like a good game, it's quite simple, right? I've never tried it. But I see it's only 2d, if it isn't you may correct me. And so some NPC's may not be translated, but also most the things you find on a game that NPC's talk about is just giberish and non important things.


    It's best if you try to bring new players, that are looking for a simple or just any MMORPG game. I'm downloading this one to see how it is. It is just 800mb, so it's not taking up much space, and since it's 2d, it won't lag as much. My internet is good, so I never worrie about it. Just my computer sucks... I hope I get a new one soon. Please show some positive things about this game, maybe more people will download it, and enjoy too.


    Though, I do kinda dislike games, that the Item Shops give strong weapons and armour, etc.

    It should be fair, such as Tales of Pirates, the Item Shop only gives things that appear differently, but if you fuse it with a normal item, it will become as powerful, that makes the game balanced. But if you can make a stall/vendor and sell item mall items, then it can be quite fair.

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