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LeshiyeLeshiye Detroit, MIPosts: 4Member

This SG was formed in the middle of 2006 by a dude named Killzone. I came along a little later and pestered him until he made me a co-leader.


Essentially we have about 10 power-gamers that churn out all the neat stuff for  the rest of the SG to enjoy like transport, Med bays, Invention origin enhancements, inspiration storage, and ofcourse our sage worldly advice on how to PWN at-will.


If you need a place to park your world-weary toon so that you can be with people that actually know how to have fun, just shoot on over to Infinity and broadcast a request for someone in Killzone.... we will get with ya.

Co-Leader - Killzone Alliance - Infinity (CoV)
Co-Leader - PWN Depot - Infinity (CoH)

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