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few bad thing about tibia

DtnzeroDtnzero Sacramento, CAPosts: 1Member

Noobie Point of view

( New up date is about to come up hope they make tibia more better ) ( and problaly change some of the stuff i list bellow)


the thing about tibia is once u understand how the game go . It hard to quit 


Premmy it how the game make money but it also make un unfair disadvantage to people who  r not premmy


Waiting list : Once too much  people log in u have to wait for ur turn to log in and play


lvling is kind of slower than other game


the pvp is kind of great really


instead of puting point for ur stat

like other game u have to use it for skill to go up   tehre r no stat in tibia   it just sword skill axe skill distance skill  magic lvl


the higher the skill the more damage u do




 famous saying  " game is just like work "









  • TrinexxTrinexx Sydney, NSWPosts: 21Member

    I could barely understand that post of yours, but ah well. I used to play Tibia way back and it was always the same: being a free account in Tibia is like having a 14 day trial of a game. You can't really get far, so you need to waste your money on a premium account.

    Tibia has a terrible system set up for increasing your 'skills', which just involves you standing attacking two monsters at a time. Pretty terrible. This isn't made any better with the horrible death loss to average gain ratio, where it will take you several days to get a level/skill, then you will die and lose 10% of your experience, plus, more than likely, a fair few good pieces of your equipment. The death penalty is pretty harsh. Not to meantion how long it takes to actually level up...

    I will agree with you though, the PvP in this game does take quite a bit of strategy and you won't just pick it up instantly. PvP is the best feature of this game, but goes downhill with the death penalty and skill training.

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  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    Tibia is very nice if you have a premium acc., then u got no problem with lvling up and you will have much more cool spells.

    U can also skip the waiting list if you are premmy, if you are free, you will need to wait a bit (doesn't take that long).


  • christwariorchristwarior Fredericksburg, VAPosts: 126Member

    Only thing I could think about while reading that is "All your base are belong to us!"

    Learn to spell.

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