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MalkavianMalkavian SydneyPosts: 2,995Member

The Following is a list of FREE Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying and Massively Multiplayer Online Games. This list is constantly changing with new games being added and or games being removed for one reason or another. If you know of a FREE MMOG or MMORPG not on the list or would like to add a better description of one, contact me at and I will see to it being added.

5 Masters

Online strategy game.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


AdventureQuest is a free lunch break sized RPG that you can play daily using your web browser. We are adding new things every week! Join us in shaping the direction of this campy yet addictive role playing game.

Alien Assult Traders

Alien Assault Traders is a multiplayer turn based space trading game. Where players use turns that are accumilated over time to trade good and build empires and take over the universe.

America's Army

Some say this is one of the best first person shooter out there. Definately try it.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Anarchy Online

Probably one of the best sci fi games. It's currently free if you play the classic version.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Another World

In Another World you can create your own character and travel lifetime journey through amazing world killing players or monsters, fishing and then cooking fish, mining and then smiting it to a nice long sword, with many more things for you to do!


Cool if you are into Age of Empires and similar type games.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Aspereta is many games, split into their own servers each offering a unique environment. Aspereta servers are not just copies of other worlds. Each server has a unique world, with their own community, classes, quests, creatures, items and magic. Your experience within the worlds is what you make it.  They have an array of different worlds to explore and conquer. Choose a world with an environment you prefer, with other people just like you.

Battle Position

Another 2d side scrolling shooter.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Block Land

Build stuff with legos!
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Fun game, sort of like soldat and battle position.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Call of The Warlords 2

Small online strategy game.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Cartoon Racer

Cartoony online racing game.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Conquer Online

Beautiful 2D artistic backgrounds and advanced 3D effects bring characters and environments to life. Experience the ancient Chinese Kungfu and magic, enjoy the endless beautiful scenery and mythical environment in which you can develop your own character and interact with other real-life and imaginary beings. This marvelous MMOG conquers the hearts of millions of players.


Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game. Since its initial release, Crossfire has grown to encompass over 150 monsters, about 3000 maps to explore, an elaborate magic system, 12 races, 15 character classes, a system of skills, and many artifacts and treasures. Crossfire is based in a medieval fantasy world and is similar to other games of this genre.


Armies are raised and razed, forts are built and burnt, alliances form and falter. Tensions mount and battles rage as the ascension nears. Who will rise to rule Cru'en'tus?
Cru'en'tus is a free, turn-based MMORPG that has a very dynamic design, allowing anybody, veteran or rookie, rise to the top.  Cru'en'tus also features extraordinarily active staff members and forums. 

Crystal Atatrium - The New Era

[No Description]


[No Description]
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Dark Eden

The first attempt at a HORROR / VAMPIRE MMORPG. And yes i've played it.  Take sides with either the Vampires or the Vampire Slayers and hunt your next victim!  With advanced magic and melee skills, items, weapons and armour this game has great potential. This game is OPEN PvP. 

Do Online International server

Martial arts mmorpg, seems pretty cool if you like samurais
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Do Online e-games version

This is the e-games version of do online, it's basicly the same game, just a different server. You choose.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission. 

Dragon Raja (Innactive - Servers Shut Down 10/15/05) - Thanks Denger

Another diablo 2 style game where you can go to war against two other nations.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Dungeon Stomp

A 3D multiplayer/single player dungeon game based on the d20 game system.  Dungeon Stomp will allow you to see your dice rolls, as you would, in a d20 based game system.   You can also see your rolls when you listen at doors.  Dungeon Stomp can be played as a single player adventure game or you can work together (or not) in a network game.  Network Dungeon Stomp can be launched via the multiplayer menu or simply through MSN Messenger.

Endless Online

Anime style mmorpg, pretty cool if you are into the graphics. 
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Eternal Lands

The game is now in Beta stage, but that doesn't mean it is incomplete and it plans on being FREE. There are 9 skills, total character development freedom, many quests, religion, a lot of NPCs, animals and monsters. If you are a PKer, you can fight other PKers in special maps. If you are not a PKer, then you can stay on the non PK maps, where you don't have to worry about being attacked by other players. Fighting: You can fight monsters and other players, hunt animals, or join with a group of friends and take them on together!
Harvest & Manufacture: Mine ores that you turn into bars of iron, steel, titanium and make various armor and weapons. Or pick flowers and herbs that you mix together to create potions or magical essences.
Summoning & Magic: Summon an animal or monster to follow and fight for you! Or Become a Mage and cast deadly spells on opponents, or heal your companions.
Roleplay with friends! There's always someone new to talk to, global or private channels, guilds to join, places to explore, all with an easy to use chat interface.
Eternal Lands has no fixed classes or professions, so you can always do new things and develop new skills without having to create a new character!


A 2D fantasy based MMORPG involving quests, guilds and hours of endless adventure with friends.


Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Fun anime style game, at level 20 you can fly around anywhere you like with a broom or surfboard type thing.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Furcadia is the magical world where the animals have learned to walk upon two legs and speak. Create your own customizable avatar and start exploring the friendly, graphical environment with rich, player-driven content. Our established online community grew over years and has become a second home to many. Furcadia invites you to an interactive experience unlike any other.

There's many exciting things you can do here! Roleplay in an enchanting medieval setting, be yourself and socialize with other players, participate in games, make friends, join a guild, tell stories and meet interesting people from all over the world! You can even use our intuitive building tool to dream up your own world and make it real and accessible to other Furcadia members!

Gangsta War

You get to be an online gangsta dawg!
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Gate To Heaven

[No Description]
Thanks to the_nimph for this submission.


Fun if you are into crafting.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Fun game. If you like WORMS, you should definately try it.
Thanks to the_nimph for this submission.

Gunz Online

Anime style shooter, try it if you like third person shooters.
Thanks to the_nimph for this submission.

Habbo Hotel

Virtual Chat Room.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Hostile Space

Space mmorpg.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


llarion is a graphical medieval fantasy game that focuses on roleplaying, unlike other so-called rpg games such as Tibia and Runescape. This game is not about levelling up or hunting monsters. There is no global chat and no experience points. This game is about roleplaying, which means you interact with other people and your environment as if you were a person in a real medieval fantasy world. You are not supposed to say things that are out of context from your medieval fantasy character. Your character does not know words like "email", "computer", "lol", or "u r here 4eva". Any ooc talk should be kept to a minimum. If you want to play a game where the objective is to level up and kill things or gain as much skill as possible, then this is not the game for you.


Fun anime style mmorpg.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Infinity Empire

Try it if you are a fan of the Gundam series or are just a fan of mechs.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Iron War

[No Description]
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Kal Online

Martial arts mmorpg, has a lack of character custimization in my opinion.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Kings of Chaos

A Web based MMORPG, Kings of Chaos brings you in command of an army of either humans, elves, dwarves or orcs. The aim of the game is to achieve the highest overall ranking - worked out by taking a combination of your attack, defence, and covert (spy) rankings - whoever has the lowest combined ranking will be 1st in the overall rankings. This makes it important to keep your army evenly balanced in all these areas.

Knight Online International

This is the Internation version of Knight Online, it's the same game but different server.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Knight Online E-games version

Medieval MMORPG. Has pretty fun PVP.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Layonara Online
[No Description]

Legend Of Mir 3

Again, another diablo 2 type mmorpg with some unique features.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


MagiKnights is a medieval setting two dimensional graphical role playing and combat MMORPG. Create a character and adventure into the Newbie lands of Magiknights. Once a certain skill is obtained then you have a chance to join the school of the magiknights – spells and melee. Here you can grow in the ranks to become a fully fledged magiknight. Magiknights are lawful and loyal to all. Their arch enemy is the evil races and also Evil MagiKnights, those that have shunned the way of the magiknight and vow to destroy them. A growing community of gamers with a high element of role play.

Maple Story

Another anime style MMORPG. This one is unique because of the side scrolling style. Check it out if you liked Ragnarok Online
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Materia Magica

A Text-based mmorpg, Materia Magica features a huge, totally original, realistic universewith over eight million locations to explore, as well as remarkable and numerous means of travel, such as horses and dragons, magic carpets, enchanted brooms, powerful worldgates, strange devices of gnomish design, and much more! With seas, jungles, plains, desert, mountain areas and underground, you have virtually unlimited possibilities for adventure. In addition, Materia Magica's visible compass provides information and direction as to where you can go and what might await you there.

Monster And Me

It reminds me of pokemon. Very fun game.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Mooc Online

Hasn't been released in english yet, I heard that it was going into open beta soon though.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Mu Online

MU, a 3D online game produced by Webzen is a full on 3D MMORPG that is the first of its kind developed in Korea. MU is a highly involved fantasy Role Playing Game based on the legendary Continent of MU. You are given the choice of selecting between one of four classes, Dark Knight, Fairy, Dark Sorcerer and Magic Gladiator, and become a daring adventurer in the quest to save the land of MU.

Music Rivals

The object is to manage your own band, whether its emo, punk, metal, prog, pop, hip hop, its there, start by hiring sesion musisians, buy them and feel what its like to record your first single, and perhaps even get picked up by a major record label who will soon send you touring, start spreading the word of your band and reach superstar levels!
Thanks to mosher_splat for this submission.


Myrmidia is a 3D Multiplayer Online Role-play Game (MORPG) which is to be a testing ground for a scaleable multiplayer game network library. The current client (Alpha 2.5) uses DirectPlay, this will change as of Alpha 3. Keep checking back as this game progresses.

Myth War Online

[No Description]
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

NewAge 3

Old style 2d mmorpg.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Navy Field

An army strategy game, pretty cool.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Oberin is an online fantasy role-playing game and virtual community, available exclusively for Macintosh. Oberin takes place in a persistent, ever evolving world -- your character may come and go, but the world continuously runs. While there are many separate quests that can be completed in Oberin, there is no ultimate goal when playing. The journey is the reward. It's an online fantasy world where the fun comes from interacting with other real players. You can join a group of fellow players to hunt for dragons, spend a quiet day fishing, meet a friend at the pub for a game of chess, or spend some time refining your chosen skills.

Ogre Island

Ogre Island is a 2D MMORPG where The story of the game is more of a collection of small tales. As you play the game you will learn more of the island and its gods. For there are many gods on the island, some you will meet, other will remain a mystery to all of creation. So it goes. For a list of features to the game click here.
Thanks to joffy for this submission.


Mixed reviews on this one. This is an army based MMORPG. Very high lag at times.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Oz Online

Virtual Chatroom?
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Located in a technologically well evolved but war-torn universe you play an adventurer who travels around in his spaceship and tries to make money and obtain power - as do many others.
There are many ways to accomplish this: Mining raw materials, manufacturing goods in your factories and trading them, carrying out assignments, bounty hunting, plundering buildings, smuggling illegal contraband, etc. The focus, however, lies on trade, though it is possible to get rich just by doing jobs or vicious piracy.
Thanks to Michael / Szell for this submission.


The objective of the PlaneShift Team was to create a virtual fantasy world in which a player can start as a peasant in search of fame and become a hero. They focus their efforts in the reproduction of a real world with politics, economy, many non-player-characters controlled by the server that bring life to world even without players connected!

Priston Tale

This game is free until level 39, which should be enough for you to get sick of it.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Project Entropia

Pretty cool game, you have the choice to pay or to play for free. I hear it's really hard to get anywhere if you don't pay at least once though.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Purge Jihad

[No Description]
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Puzzle Pirates

There's a pay and free version. Although there's very little info on it on the main site. Definately check it out if you like pirates and like sailing ships with your crew =].
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Race War Kingdoms

Race War Kingdoms is an unique web browser based MMORPG. Appealing to nearly all types of players because it encompasses many different kinds of game play. Those who enjoy peaceful solitude can turn off all chat messages and easily hide themselves in a desolate corner of any of the 5 immense maps. Those who enjoy intense player vs. player action can gain experience slaying other players as well as the hundreds of unique monsters indigenous to each map. And for those who enjoy strategic warfare, Race War Kingdoms offers an intricate kingdom development and war waging system and nearly half a million inhabitable kingdom squares.

Rakion - (Someone let me know as soon as this goes Live.)  - Malk.

Rakion is currently in a closed beta phase from 11-25 of august and will go in to open beta from 25 augusts, it has been rumored to have the same system as gunbound, meaning, it's completely free, unless you want to buy Premium Items.
Thanks to the_nimph for this submission.

Ray Crash

Another mech game.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Rose Online

From the makers of Ragnarok Online. Try it if you are a fan of Gravity's work.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Rubies of Eventide

Rubies Of Eventide is set in a fantasy medieval setting, in the fictional <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />and of Vormis. As in real life, you can choose to hurt or insult another person, but there will be consequences. You can choose to be a hero or villain, a merchant or craftsman, a mage or a fighter - in a roleplaying game, your character's role and characteristics are decided by you. Players can interact with other players online, as well as form adventuring groups and guilds.


Runescape is a massive multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play. This isn't a game where everything that happens is pre-determined. What you do in the world is up to you!

Shattered Galaxy

MMORTS, if you liked starcraft you should check this game out.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Shot Online

A unique mmorpg. If you like gold you should definately play this game.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


[No Description]
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


A diablo 2 style game.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Side scrolling shooter.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


In a time that would be known as the golden age of space frontier, personal fortunes are won and lost in the far-off reaches of the galaxy. Corporate empires are forged and destroyed amidst the booming industry of colonization, and the only laws are those made by the captain with the most shields, guns, and warp fuel. What will be your legacy?

Supreme Destiny

Typical hack and slash mmo. Reminds me of Mu online o_O
Thanks to the_nimph for this submission.

Survival Project

Fast paced anime styled game. Pretty fun.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Tactics Arena Online

[No Description]
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Team Revo

Online racing game
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

Thang Online

Action MMORPG. Pretty cool.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

The Battle for Wesnoth

Online strategy game.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

The Universal

Scifi/strategy type game. If you like Second Life or There you should try this one out. There seems to be a lack of players though.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Tibia is an online role-playing game where many thousands of players from all over the world meet everyday. Enter a medieval fantasy scenery world and choose the path of adventures you prefer. Train your skills as a knight or become a magician to fight successfully against the dangerous monsters that terrorize the inhabitants of Tibia.

Ts Online

Anime styled mmorpg, turn based fighting and cool graphics.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


Westfalen is a game is a turn based strategy game for 19 human players. Each human player has his own nation to rule. Westfalen consists of a user client program and an independent server program. The user client program is for the users (players). The client program allows the users to give orders for the game and send messages to the other players.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territories + ETF (Mod)

Free FPS.
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


[No Description]
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.


[No Description]
Thanks to LordMagnus for this submission.

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    Originally Posted by SBC3 - THANKS

    This list contains lots of games some pay to play some free to play and some in development also some in testing stages. if u dont have anything good to say dont post a reply.And if u have some games for me to add let me know.Although some screenshots have foreign writing on them all the sites are english.

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    Seeing as this thread hasn't been updated since 2006 I've gone ahead and unstickied it so as not to clutter the Pub. Our Game List can be sorted for free-to-play games if you are in search of one.

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    Imo Tibia is the greatest free mmo, but ty for the list, even if its old



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    why the hell do people type in that dark blue text it too hard to read!

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    Originally posted by abyss610

    why the hell do people type in that dark blue text it too hard to read!


    Always wondered that myself, cant see shit and no i dont want to highlight it because someone find it cool to use darkblue letters.

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    You can list Runescape as Free MMORPG as well. You can play the free version for months.

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