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I wanna come back to Tibia

DoonaDoona BristolPosts: 28Member

I used to play Tibia yeears ago but it eventually fizzled out and i moved onto other mmorpgs. Since then ive played all types but i havent been able to keep playing one for a long time. Ive quit WoW, LOTRO and i think i might soon quit EQ2. Ive realised that none of these games match up to the fun you can have on Tibia. All these other games are just dull teddy bear grind/quest fests. No chance of anything interesting happening. Whereas tibia is just so real and unique, you get theives , murderers , mercenaries who hunt down murderers and theives, big powerful guilds, nutters who will just go mental in the middle of a city and attack everyone, and thats just the tip of the iceberg on how the world is different to other games. I loved tibia and i want to come back to it. 

Are there any tibia players out there who can tell me what a good server to join would be, id want to join one where the newer players are going , and hopefully with a significant amount of English speakers. Thanks.



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