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Lineage 2: The Kamael Movie

MeddleMeddle Kamuela, HIPosts: 722Administrator Uncommon

NCsoft has released this new movie featuring footage from the upcoming free L2 expansion The Kamael.  The upcoming expansion features more than 1 GB worth of content and features for all level of players.

Video Interview The Kamael Movie

This video showcases some of the massive content updates in store for L2 when this free update goes live.

Watch more here.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -


  • kalrarkalrar beaverton, ORPosts: 33Member Uncommon

    Maybe if I were doing consecutive life sentences for subscribing in the first place sure.

    NO DROPS..... GRIND  

  • AlienovrlordAlienovrlord San Antonio, TXPosts: 1,525Member

    Yeah, really beautiful graphics.

    Do they change the timesink grind that is the central foundation of the game or the fact it's build around uber raiding guilds?

    No thanks.   I'll wait to see if NCSoft has learned anything with Aion, but I doubt it. 

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