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daelnordaelnor Manteca, CAPosts: 1,556Member Uncommon

Hey all you brainiacs. I need a good micro atx board. Not gonna be so much for gaming, but I want it capable of it, and I want it to be upgradable. I don't like micro's myself, but I'm building a custom job for a present.

Need a solid mobo, overclocking isn't a must, but a definite plus.

am2 or 775, whichever is more worth the price. Doesn't need to be a super hardcore pc. Just for a couple games, and bills and stuff.

Reason I'm building micro is for smaller size, plus I'm customizing a micro case I got laying around.




  • numaticnumatic FLPosts: 641Member Uncommon

    i'd say go with an AM2 board. Intel may be the leader in high end stuff, but when it comes to price and speed, i think AMD wins on that end.

    What is your budget?

    I'd say try this one MOBO

    And i'd prolly go with something like this for a CPU CPU

    But i'm not a mind reader so i'm not sure if thats fast enough, or too fast/pricey. Gotta let us know. But for $200 i'd say its a pretty good deal.

  • CleffyIICleffyII The Moon, CAPosts: 3,440Member

    Please disregard, wasn't reading too well.


  • daelnordaelnor Manteca, CAPosts: 1,556Member Uncommon

    Not really so much on a budget, but I'm not gonna dump as much money into it as I would for a gaming rig.

    I got a nice antec power supply or two laying around, cd drives and all that, all I really need is a cpu, mobo with decent onboard sound and maybe a lower mid grade vid card.

    I'm trying to keep it under 400ish, but it's not really a big deal.

    Are there any AM2 micro boards that can overclock well? Cooling won't be a huge issue, I can handle that on my end.

    If I can OC a bit I'll probably go with a black processor, if not, I don't see the reason to spend the money on one.



  • CleffyIICleffyII The Moon, CAPosts: 3,440Member

    If you want options, this one might be good:

    ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDready $83.99

    It has a more modern video, and it supports 8 channel audio.  Also its feature rich which includes overclocking features.  However, usually a micro-ATX is used with a small form factor case.  Its usually not a good idea to overclock a small case.

    Also if you do go AMD, then get a Black Edition or Phenom CPU.  They run on 65nm technology so they run with lower wattage and heat, and overclock better.

    Here is an Intel Board just incase you decide to go that route:

    MSI G33M-FI $92.99


  • daelnordaelnor Manteca, CAPosts: 1,556Member Uncommon

    Yeah, probably not going intel. Seems like I can get more bang for the buck with AMD at the lower/midgrade cpu levels. I'll definitely be going intel when I upgrade my own pc, most likely the q6600. Honestly, I've always been an intel fanboy, ever since I started building my own rigs.

    I think you're right about the overclocking. I was toying with cutting up the case to make better ventilation and add fans, but I'm not going to have the tools available I thought I was going to have, so much of the case modding will have to wait until my next project.



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