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EverQuest II: What Race do I Play - Koada'Del

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

When players first enter EverQuest II one of the very first choices that they have to make is which race to play. With all of the choices available, new players and old alike may have trouble making the decision. Today, Adele Caelia tells us why it's good to play a High Elf in Norrath.

The Koada’Dal, also known as the High Elves are the first children of Tunare the goddess of growth and mother of all that is beautiful in Norrath. The High Elves were born long ago when Tunare walking through the woods noticed a glint of sunlight on her gown. Touching the light, Tunare whispered a few words, and the Koada’Dal were born.

The Koada’Dal once lived in Tunaria, now Antonica, and now hail from the fair city of Felwithe, built with the help of the dwarves. The mixing of dwarven stonework and elven magic created the most beautiful city in all of Norrath. The walls of Felwithe are covered in ivy with streams and ponds flowing throughout. Legend says that Felwithe was built upon Caerthiel, a dark elf city. Most High Elves deny this, but there are a few that say there is evidence under the city. The elves were forced to flee Tunaria when Solusek Ro envious of the blessings given to them by Tunare, and jealous of Tunare herself, altered the great mountain causing the sun to burn down upon Tunaria drying up the land, trees, and water. Innoruuk, the prince of hate was also jealous of Tunare, and attempted to lure the elven prince to the plane of hate. The elven king and queen went in place of the prince, and Innoruuk surprised, but happy by this turn of events quickly swept them away to the plane of hate. Innoruuk then tortured and turned them against one another recreating them in his own image, thus came into being the Teir’Dal or Dark Elves. After the destruction of the Elddar Forest of Tunaria and the loss of their king and queen, the High Elves sailed across the Ocean of Tears, the ocean being the tears of Tunare that she shed for her children. The city of Felwithe is named after Alissa Felwithe, who took leadership of the elves in this dark time.

Read more here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • KnivesOnlyKnivesOnly bggPosts: 401Member

    woops i misread the title :P


  • MyskMysk Pittsburg, KSPosts: 982Member

    Originally posted by KnivesOnly

    Thats not a new race..... thats the high elves lol, talk about lazy.
    That could be the reason why the person chose the high elf, seeing as most would opt for the new race available.

    However, I can't help but wonder about the over all purpose of the article.  It's not that I'm in disagreement with it, but it's an opinion piece that ultimately seems more fitting as a normal forum post.  It's edging toward the  inexplicable to exist as a full front page article.

    Is this the start of MMORPG staff talking about their favorite race to play in Norrath or their favorite MMORPG?  Is it part of a campaign to  increase awareness of EverQuest 2?  Or is there some other reason behind this?

    I don't at all intend to knock the one who wrote the article, but... okay, so you like to play high elves in EQ2.  Cool... but whatever?

    I probably don't follow the threads that I post in. If you want me to see a response then feel free to PM me.

  • AdeleAdele Staff Writer undisclosed, MOPosts: 90Member Common

    No one said this is a new race:) This is the start of a series that will eventually showcase each playable race in Norrath:)

    ~Adele Caelia

  • StraddenStradden Managing Editor Halifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

    Actually it's the first in what we're hoping is going to be a series of "why should I play a____" articles on the site.

    While the author does add their own opinions, there is also information in there about racial abilities, traits, etc. etc.etc. 

    The purpose is to put the information out there and build our base of information on all of the games that we list. I also thought it was an entertaining read.

    Jon Wood
    Managing Editor

  • phluuxphluux Hagerstown, MDPosts: 211Member

    Don't worry, it didn't go over MY head.

    I thought it was entertaining and very well written. Good job!

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,992Member Epic

    Entertaining and well written.... but sure wish just once a 'gurl' would pick a more barbaric race.....

    (I'm just had it with 'elves' in games I guess)

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  • CitronCitron Lake Saint Louis, MOPosts: 41Member

    I love Adele Caelia's articles, they all are well written and entertaining!


    Anyways thanks Jon for the clarification, I was worried at first that this was just a way for Adele to express how obsessive she is over elves and not an actual upcoming series on the site!



  • brento73brento73 Independence, MOPosts: 65Member
    Originally posted by Kyleran

    Entertaining and well written.... but sure wish just once a 'gurl' would pick a more barbaric race.....
    (I'm just had it with 'elves' in games I guess)

    For what it's worth, my wife's main is a Troll :)

  • djwhichwaydjwhichway LC, WAPosts: 2Member

    It's a rather well writen, yet wholly subjective article. I look forward to reading more writings of its kind.

  • korvasskorvass den haagPosts: 623Member

    Nice article and everything, but the graphics in EQ2 just don't do it for me. It's the characters that put me off the game. To me they all just look like beginner skins from Second Life... *shrug*

    Still, nicely written and informative article.

  • jojos525jojos525 carrollton, TXPosts: 16Member

    Either you tried it at low settings or you have very high standards... anyways


    Josgar, (Norrath's Best High Elf.... which is not self proclaimed.... where did you get that crazy idea?) Approves of this article =D

  • ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon

    Good read. ^^

    However... I would NEVER play Highelves in ANY game. *shudders*

    Biogoted, arrogant and whims all of'em! They always spread the lie we Darkelves are evil, pft! =P

    We're just... misunderstood. ;)

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • bahamut1bahamut1 Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 614Member

    A very nice change to blah articles and very well written. You have extremely good knowledge of EQ2 lore, which some say doesn't exist LOL, and brought out exactly what RPG'ing and "being lost in the part" is all about.

    2 /thumbsup

    "Granted thinking for yourself could be considered a timesink of shorter or longer duration depending on how smart..or how dumb you are."

  • KadyKady Apple Valley, CAPosts: 6Member

    It also has to do w/ the history of the elves that is handed down from beliefs held 500 years ago (in EQ) before the "Big Boom"  This is part of the lore that goes w/ the actual history that was taught (and, by some, believed) back in the history of the elves... as the different info on various races is exposed or explored thru this, it will be interesting to see how they are interpreted and if they hold the accuacy of the original races as they originated some 500 years earlier...

    Very well written (and Role Played) I totally enjoyed it... Job well done!!

  • MagicManICTMagicManICT Wichita, KSPosts: 92Member Uncommon

    This would be a great article if the lore described was 100% consistent with the lore developed for the game. The backstory of the creation of the elves and of the various wars and such is accurate, but the description of the demeanor of the Koada'Dal is severely lacking.

    Oh, and as far as the Tier'Dal go, they aren't evil. They just hate all things, living or not. If they can't control them, then they'd rather just destroy them. Nope, I definitely wouldn't call them evil (at least not to their faces). 

  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member

    Originally posted by korvass

    Nice article and everything, but the graphics in EQ2 just don't do it for me. It's the characters that put me off the game. To me they all just look like beginner skins from Second Life... *shrug*
    Still, nicely written and informative article.
    Its because they keep using the disgusting old models in articles like this. They actually have new alternative models that dont look like hideous play doh monsters.

    I refused to make a humanoid until they were released. You should try the free trial and put the alternate models on, they actually look really good.

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