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K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Edmonton, ABPosts: 227Member

Im interested in trying this and I was wondering where the best place to download this game from is. When I go to the official site provided or whatever I cant find a link to download and I want to make sure I download the latest version. So if somebody could give me a link or something that would be great.





  • XerossionXerossion murfreesboro, TNPosts: 2Member or have active DL links

  • robinette08robinette08 elliott, IDPosts: 4Member

    i peronally like playing on the realmud server because it has an active and friendly population a link to it's full download :  it's free to play and theres a fairly cheap item mall if you'd like to jumpstart your playing experience :)

  • LadyMcDeathLadyMcDeath Hamlet, INPosts: 2Member

    I do not recommend Realmud.  I think the staff cheats.  Please see

    Also, I feel that I was harassed inappropriately by other male players and no repremends were made.

    Please keep in mind that your account can be banned for any reason at any time.

    I will be more than glad to share logs and staff messages if you'd like to see them.


    Contact me at 

    Thank you.

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