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Ultima Online: Community Questions

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

The folks over at Ultima Online have posted their weekly FoF feature where they answer questions from the UO community.

"What’s the deal with Crushing Blow? It seems to not always add damage."

Crushing Blow is a 150% damage modifier (the same DI modifier most things use, code-wise.) What's probably happening, if you don't see a difference, is that you're running up against the 300% cap (fifth question down.)
"When a monster loots you, how is that loot handled? Does it just become regular loot, distributed via normal loot rules?"
No, actually, that loot is separate. When the critter that's looted you dies, the looted items are placed on your instance of the corpse - and even if you wouldn't normally get an instanced corpse for it, one is created for you to hold those items. That corpse will remain available to you (and only you) until the corpse decays entirely.

Read more here.

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