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EverQuest II: Birthday Movie

MeddleMeddle Kamuela, HIPosts: 722Administrator Uncommon

SOE has released this movie in lew of EQ2's third birthday.  Enjoy! 

Video Interview Birthday Movie

EQ2 just celebrated it's 3rd birthday and here's a video to commemorate it.

Watch more here.

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  • truenorthbgtruenorthbg Abu DhabiPosts: 1,453Member

    Great video.


    I was happy to hear about how one of the designers read about Persian mythology, culture, and art and incorporated those themes and concepts into the game.  I have always said that companies need to hire more people with an M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts) than people with computer programming backgrounds.


    Everquest 2 has a very dedicated team and it certainly shows in the game's content, visuals, audios, feel, and overall spirit.  The EQ 2 community is also a consequence of the game's greatness.


    I have not had a chance to really play RoK yet, but I am looking forward to it.  From what I have seen, briefly, in BETA, the visuals were excellent.  The visuals reminded me of EQ 1 in terms of inspiring curiousity and thinking, "I wonder what is over there."  The exploration element of MMORPGs should never be underestimate; that unique and authentic world feel. 

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  • miffywiffymiffywiffy mooPosts: 245Member

    Can't believe it's been 3 years i wish i could get them 3 years back, not because i've been playing EQ2 but i've wasted these 3 years cus i'm a twat.

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