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Star Trek Online: Devlog 4.0: Polling the Crew

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

The Star Trek Online official site has been updated with a devlog that delves into the development team's passion for Star Trek.

Welcome back to the STO DevLog, our regular look into the development of Star Trek Online, the only game that dares to reveal what happens when good tribbles go bad!
This month we thought it would be fun to peer into the minds of the STO team, to find out what they think about Star Trek. Surveys were sent out, and answers were sent in... by the crate load. Here's just a small sampling of we like to call:
Polling the Crew: Selected Reponses from the STO Team Survey
Which of Star Trek's alien races do you most identify with? We got a wide variety of responses to this question:
"Those creatures in TNG that only speak in binary."
"Antedeans. Fish-like, that's me."
"Cardassians. I totally dig potentially redeemable villains."
"The Romulans. They're mysterious, politically-driven, mischievous and cunning. Of course, as they appear on TNG, they're mostly militant jerks, but the fact that the series has focused on brewing internal debates shows they have redeeming characteristics."
"I like the Andorians. They're blue, they're cool, and they have fricking antenna on their heads."

Read more the full devlog here.


  • ShoalShoal Santa Clara, CAPosts: 1,156Member

    Wow.  What a load of useless junk.  And the previous issues of the log as well.

    Sorry for Trek fans, but this game is going the way of G&H.

    Look at their 'Concept Art' images, then look at the actual render of the 'Planet Killer' doomsday machine below.  What a trashy, low-res, mess.

    And I am astonished that they are not adressing the main concerns of the fan base regarding in-ship interiors and player ambulations.  And what about away-missions?  Are they doing those with player avatars and locations?  If so, why not ship interiors?  If not <boggle>.

    Most of the action in all the Trek takes place either in-ship or on-planet.  Very little of the Trek mythos is ship-to-ship combat.  A few engagements here and there, but mostly rare and a very minor part of any episode when they do come into play.

    PE is destroying this IP.

    It is very likely that the IP will be pulled, or the funding will run out, before this game gets even close to release ready.

    Nice way for PE to suck cash out of the suckers that are investing in them, though.

    Too bad.

    Another black-eye for the industry.

  • KeoghKeogh Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,099Member



    This is what PE considers a Dev log.

    That shows why G&H failed and STO isn't even in Alpha yet.

    "Don't corpse-camp that idea. Its never gonna rez"
    Bladezz (The Guild)

  • StormsenderStormsender Bremerton, WAPosts: 39Member

    I really am sad that Paramount let the Star Trek IP fall into the hands of Perpetual. This has been going on for way to long and perpetual has absolutly nothing to show the fans except a lame attemp at a dev log.

    I question wether they even are developing a real game. I think they blew the funds on G&H and expect Paramount to keep shoving money at them, eventually, Paramount will catch on and when they do Perpetual is going to neck deep in lawyers. Unfortunately the fans are the ones who will pay in the long run from this. This game aint going to happen, I don't know why MMorpg doesn't try to investigate the state of the game and find the real story, thats what would be really worth reading about. Not some lame attemp at a dev log by perpetual.

    MMORPG I would give perpetual any face time until they can give a demo of all their months supposedly hard work.

  • WalakeaWalakea BathPosts: 132Member

    Maybe in their next dev blog they will reveal what their favourite snack or something equally lame and irrelevant...


  • JYCowboyJYCowboy Northlake, TXPosts: 652Member Uncommon

    How can they skin WOW to look like Star Trek?   Thats what it will come down to.

  • QuantumQrackQuantumQrack Boise, IDPosts: 81Member Uncommon

    Email paramount and tell them to get rid of Darren Stinnet and his team and give the IP to somebody else who knows what the hell they are doing.  I will possibly update this post with an email address for paramount.

  • LaterisLateris Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,758Member Uncommon

    They are making the same mistake SOE did with SWG.  Still- I wish t hem the best of luck.

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,171Member Rare

    Mindless gibberish comes to mind.

    Just another example of a development studio on the track to another bomb, if it ever sees the light of day.

    Paramount how could you?

  • SioBabbleSioBabble Eugene, ORPosts: 2,803Member

    Originally posted by JYCowboy

    How can they skin WOW to look like Star Trek?   Thats what it will come down to.
    Unfortunately, this is what the MMO industry does nowadays.

    New skins for WoW.

    So depressing.

    CH, Jedi, Commando, Smuggler, BH, Scout, Doctor, Chef, BE...yeah, lots of SWG time invested.

    Once a denizen of Ahazi

  • BanthaFodderBanthaFodder Washtington D.C., VAPosts: 47Member

    I have to say I have been worried about Perpetual's handling of this game for a year or two. I tried voicing my opinion on but they only allow pro-PE talk.  I was optimistic when PE said they would explore new ways of MMOing and be revolutionary yet they seem to instead go the conservative safe way so they stay alive or something. The only way you can break through the MMo market is to make something different.

    I dont think every dev-log has to be serious, but it seems the only good logs have been the first two, and I would appreciate it if the devs tried to talk about what the players want to know, (cough,cough) DIRECTION OF THE GAME!!


    Anyways, Perpetual if you happen to be reading this, doubtful since its not but anyways if you are. I really do hope STO become sa huge success, I just hope you really take hold of this IP and try to think of new ideas and stop falling back to safe-mode.


  • AmatheAmathe Miami, FLPosts: 2,636Member Rare

    I read somewhere that one of their Devs said this isn't a game for Trekkies. I pretty much wrote this one off right there. I mean, why would you direct at insult at the biggest following for this IP?

    EQ1, EQ2, SWG, SWTOR, GW, GW2 CoH, CoV, FFXI, WoW, CO, War,TSW and a slew of free trials and beta tests

  • Xix13Xix13 Tampa, FLPosts: 259Member


    Originally posted by Lateris

    They are making the same mistake SOE did with SWG.  Still- I wish t hem the best of luck.

    At least this time they're making the mistakes BEFORE we pay them any money or invest any of our time.  And, thanks to SOE and SWG, we now all know what the mistakes look like, so we can see them before they happen.  Trekkies will stay away from this one in droves.


    First thought on reading this excuse for a dev blog:  "Poll?  You mean, like Focus Group?"  When they started with the "which character would you most like to be" stuf, all I could think of was:  "hmmm...are they trying for iconic startrekiness here?  Looking for which pictures to post on their 8 or 9 iconic character choices?"  Yikes!  This is scary stuf.

    This project has moved so far from the originally presented vision, that it now presents absolutely NO interest to me at all.  And I'm a veteran MMO player who actually saw the original series in first-run!  THAT'S how long I've been a Trekkie.  To think that this garbage will lock down the IP for the next 20 years is just too sad.  I won't be around to see STO2 I'm afraid.  :-(

    -- Xix
    "I know what you're thinking: 'Why, oh WHY, didn't I take the BLUE pill?'"

  • someforumguysomeforumguy HomePosts: 3,700Member Uncommon

    This is what you get if devs or their marketing ppl decide its necessary to release some info so far before release date. Hot air.

    I always wonder how this will influence public opinion in that the fans get impatient as result of these (way to) early teasers. I cant believe that this will actually have a positive influence.

  • JYCowboyJYCowboy Northlake, TXPosts: 652Member Uncommon


    Originally posted by SioBabble

    Originally posted by JYCowboy

    How can they skin WOW to look like Star Trek?   Thats what it will come down to.
    Unfortunately, this is what the MMO industry does nowadays.


    New skins for WoW.

    So depressing.

    I can see using a successful formula on an IP.  They don't want to break new ground but create more of a cash cow.


    However, Star Trek does not appeal to everyone.  Those it does are very passionate to it and want to "Live" in that world.  A proper world simulator is perfect for Star Trek but this company is wanting to win new players to this game.  Its not going to happen.

    If you are not Star Trek (aka Trekkie or Trekker) then you just wont care.

  • eRAZOR2007eRAZOR2007 aPosts: 70Member

    This is disturbing news :P

  • deucalliondeucallion medford, ORPosts: 183Member

    If ever a game died before it was even born, it's this one.  What a sad time to be a MMO gamer.

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