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Winter update

HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

Have you ever thought of moving to the countryside? This year's winter update will add some real new beauties to the Tibian housing market! Fancy living like Old MacDonald with a couple of friends? Now you can rent your own farm, complete with fields and no less than three individual buildings! How about a stately mansion by the sea that features an exclusive private stretch of unspoilt beach? What about your very own sinister wizard's tower? Or perhaps we can interest you in a very special something - a picturesque house boat that comes with its own underwater observatory!



More screenshots can be found on our supported fansites. Of course, there are new homes for Tibia's creatures, too! A mysterious new dungeon has recently been discovered to the north of Port Hope, and rumour has it that there are further new places waiting to be explored. What's more, many areas have been refurbished. From exotic nomad tents and dreary dungeon entries to dangerous giant cobwebs, there is plenty to discover everywhere. Do not forget to visit our supported fansites for some further cool new screenshots! You will find that the lands of Tibia look nicer than ever!


>> Looks nice :D



  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon
    Discover New Secrets Everywhere!
    his year's Christmas update becomes mysterious. Adventurers up for a challenging riddle should talk to the inhabitants of the Tibian cities as some of them will have new tasks to complete. Don't be shy just because you are still inexperienced - there are jobs for characters of all levels. If you are skilled enough, you might even be able to discover some hidden quests.

    Moreover, a salesman is expected to arrive at the time of the Christmas update. As he is new to Tibia, he will be travelling around to get to know many places. Being a merchant looking for interesting new goods, he might be willing to buy some of your stuff if you are able to win his trust.

    Have you ever dreamt of being a cool agent like James Bond, solving secret missions? Then you should definitely join the new Secret Service. However, choose wisely which agency you want to join as your decision is irreversible. Are you rather a funny and quick-witted person who is always good for a prank and loves to joke around? In this case the fool's guild will welcome you with open arms and will surely have some unexpected witty missions for you. What is more, there are rumours about nomads in an arcane hideout somewhere in the Daraman desert.



    Additionally to tricky new quests, we have added a handful of entertaining seasonal festivities. Apart from well-known holidays like New Year's Eve or Valentine's day, there will be special events like a flower month or masquerade days to spice up your Tibia life.

    CipSoft rox in updates ^^
  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon
    Nov 14 2007 -

    Vocation Balancing Preview
    ith relation to the vocation balancing, we will introduce a greatly enlarged system of elements. There are already a few creatures in Tibia that are resistant against certain elements, e.g. snakes are immune to poison. Also all rods and wands belong to special elemental damage types. Right now we have 3 elements in Tibia: fire, energy and poison. However, poison will belong to the newly introduced element of earth after the update, which means that characters will deal direct earth damage instead of poison damage over time. This will finally render the neglected poison spells useful again. Moreover, we will introduce 3 completely new elements: ice, holy and death. The 6 elements will influence creatures, weapons, equipment and spells. Needless to say, that there will be a whole bunch of new spells after the update, other spells have been revised and received new names, again others will be available to different vocations from now on.

    Sorcerers are especially skilled in fire and energy, so they have powerful spells of those two elements and can also make the according runes. Druids will no longer be able to create strong fire or energy runes, instead they will be able to cast mighty ice and earth spells and also make runes of those two elements. However, mages out there, don't worry: You will still be able to use the runes made by the other mage vocation, and you can also use basic strike spells for each element. Both vocations will have the possibility to select from 2 vast area spells. Even though, their magic potential is only strong enough to master one of them at a time, they can always choose to switch to the other spell instead according to their hunting plans.

    Also knights will be able to control the elements for a certain period of time and with the help of Tibia's magicians. There are a few weapons that pulsate with magical energy and can be enchanted. With the help of occult teleporters, located in every city, talented druids and sorcerers with a Premium Account can visit holy shrines to fill up gems with magical energy. Depending on the shrine that has been used, those powerful gems will temporarily turn weapons with magical potential into weapons with ice, earth, fire or energy damage on the one hand, and hit damage on the other hand.



    Paladins will be the only vocation that can master a few holy spells which are especially effective against undead creatures. Having a holy distance and a holy area spell at their disposal, they are able to attack vigorously against creatures of death and decay. Moreover, they can use arrows of the various elements to hit the Achilles' heel of the particular creatures.

    Apart from the 4 vocations, also all creatures are strongly influenced by the new system. All monsters will have sensitivities or even immunities to certain elements which are differently developed. A sorcerer cannot harm a dragon if he is using his repertoire of fire spells, no matter how powerful, as dragons are of course immune to fire. On the other hand, a druid casting an ice spell will be able to wound the fire spitting creature badly.

    We will also alter the way to restore your hitpoints and mana. Since magic in general is something a knight is not especially gifted at, the current healing spells and runes will hardly be useful to a knight in the future. However, knights will have 3 new health potions to use instead. Additionally, they will learn a new way to instantly clean their wounds. Sorcerers and druids will have 3 new mana potions at their disposal. Paladins have some talent with magic, but are also skilled similarly as knights. Therefore, paladins will use a combination of healing spells and 2 of the 3 health potions as well as 2 of the 3 mana potions. When you get into combat, you will generally be able to use supportive spells like healing at the same time as attack spells.

    So next time you are planning a large hunting session, you have a lot more options to prepare yourself really efficiently. Which gems do I need to enchant my weapon with, which spells should I have on my hotkeys, which runes will be most effective against these monsters, or which amulet should I wear to protect myself from the damage of a certain element. The enlarged system of elements brings surely some variety to Tibia and will ensure that all vocations have some advantages when fighting special creatures.

    For a first glimpse on the magical shrines and a few new spell effects, visit our supported fansites!

    Furthermore, we invite you to share your opinion about the vocation balancing in a dedicated thread on the proposal board.

    Study the science of elements!

    Your CipSoft Team
  • AzureProwerAzurePrower AustraliaPosts: 1,531Member Uncommon

    Sounds like another craptasic update that promises much, but delivers little.

    Maybe CIPsoft should focus on the problems Tibia already has and improve on that.

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    Yes that's true, but i still like that updates... . But i don't play tibia not much anymore. I like metin2 much more.

    Nov 22 2007 -

    New Outfits

    lso for this year's Christmas update, the Tibian fashion designers have sat together to sketch a few new cool outfits for premium players who are willing to go a long way of challenging and tricky tasks.

    In one of our last teasers, you have already heard that especially funny and humorous characters will be able to join the fools guild. A real fool, however, will never leave the house without his brand-new jester outfit. Players that have proven their extraordinary talent in playing pranks will rise in the guild's estimation and might be also granted the right to wear some fancy accessories with their outfit.



    What is more, both, the Brotherhood of Bones and the Nightmare Knights, made an approach to the designers to ask them for outfits that clearly identify ranked characters as members of their orders. However, it rests exclusively with characters of the highest rank to choose those that are worthy to wear this special outfit. Only those that bear the title of a Dread Lord or a Lord Protector are able to enter a newly discovered room in which they can transform a precious jewel into magical outfit scrolls. There are 3 scrolls all together, one for every rank of the orders. Characters can only use a scroll if they have at least the required rank. Also scrolls of higher ranks can only be used if the scrolls of the lower ranks have been used before. Don't miss the chance to identify yourself as a member of a respected order!

    Keep in mind that only one character of the highest rank is needed to obtain the scroll for the basic outfit for everybody that has joined the same order. Therefore, guilds or circles of friends might be well advised to support one of their members in getting the highest rank to obtain the basic outfit more quickly for everyone.

    Curious what the jester and the nightmare knight outfit look like? Have a look at our supported fansites!

    Get ready for an awesome new look!

    Your CipSoft Team
  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon
    Nov 28 2007 -

    New Creatures

    e have not only revamped some areas for this update but have also added several new monsters to existing places. Some of them we would like to introduce to you today.

    From now on, the Tibian dogs will have a new playfellow. Cute white kitty cats will scurry around your legs roaming the cities. Adorable are also the newest forest dwellers. The explorer has to have a quick eye to take a glimpse at the extremely shy and swift squirrel.

    But there are also some less pleasant inhabitants new to the forest. Poachers are criminals and outlaws who make a living from things they find in the woods. Knowing that travellers normally carry some nice equipment, they don't even shy away from robbery and murder. Particularly, young adventurers should be wary when entering a forest which is known for attacks of poachers.

    Just as cute as kittens and squirrels, but much more dangerous are the new dragon hatchlings. One should be wary when encountering the new dragon offspring. Firstly, they are well protected by their parents, dragons and dragon lords, and secondly, they can become quite perilous themselves. Their little nostrils do not only produce clouds of steam, but once in a while also strong fire waves.

    What is more, we have revised all existing troll races and added an even stronger race - the troll champion. His extra armor makes him somewhat stronger and more resistant than his relatives. Also cyclops were unified with 2 newly discovered relatives. Cyclops drones have 4 muscular arms which are especially helpful as they are the workers among their kin. They are stronger than ordinary cyclops but they lack their intelligence. The masterpieces produced by the cyclops smiths are in great demand among all races. However, as skilful they are in forging, they are also skilful in fighting which makes them the hardest opponents of all cyclops.

    Ready to face a picture of your new opponents? Take a look at our supported fansites!

    Prepare for exciting fights!

    Your CipSoft Team

    Again nice updates of CipSoft, they really can keep us playing the game.

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon
    Dec 06 2007 -

    Amazing New Features

    his year Santa has got some very special new features for you in his sack. Often wished for on the proposal board, now it is finally here: shared experience! The healing powers of druids and the fabulous blocking of strong knights will finally pay off the same way as the damage dealing of sorcerers and paladins.

    To share experience points, the leader of your party must activate this feature via the context menu. However, it will be impossible that a character of level 150 hunting dragon lords will level up his little level 10 friend who is waiting securely in the city. To activate shared experience, certain requirements must be fulfilled. First of all, only characters that are of similar levels can share experience when hunting together. To be more precisely, the lowest character in a party may not have less than two-thirds of the levels of the highest character. This means a level 40 can share experience with a level 60 but not with a level 20; or a level 200 can share experience with a level 300. Secondly, the distance of all party members to the leader must be smaller or equal to 30 fields, this works also if you are one floor up or down. Finally, all party members must be actively involved. This means they must either have healed another member or attacked an aggressive monster.

    If one of the above mentioned conditions are not fulfilled, a red cross appears on the shield that marks you as party member and shared experience is deactivated until all party members fulfil all requirements again. You can easily recognise the members who do not meet the conditions by their flashing party icon. Whenever, shared experience is not activated, the experience points will be distributed as before according to the damage every member is dealing out.

    Note that shared experience is not available for killing other characters on PvP-enforced game worlds.

    Shared experience is not the only new feature for the Christmas update. You finally can determine the design of your beds! Visit your local furniture store to buy modification kits for green, red, yellow or the common blue beds. To equip your home with a brand-new bed, use the kit on the pillow of an empty one and it will be remodelled in the blink of an eye. Note, that these modification kits work only for beds, so they will be of no use if your house or apartment is furnished with cots, straw mats or hammocks.



    Have you ever felt like a fish out of water when walking on the Tibian beaches and longed to jump into the cool ocean? Tibia has just opened its first public swimming areas. In special separated areas (we don't want you to be eaten by a shark), players can quickly change into their swimming things and jump into the blue Tibian sea. Not only swimming can become your favourite pastime, also friends of playing water polo will love the ability to follow their hobby now.

    Grab your swimming things!

    Your CipSoft Team

    Omg, this looks awesome . Great improvement that exp-sharing in party's. 

    The swimming stuff is also nice done, (i play waterpolo myself )

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

     Update finally there, enjoy it tibians

    Dec 11 2007 -

    Major Game Update 8.1

    any months have passed in which tricky code was refined, beautiful sprites were drawn and interesting quests were thought of, but now it is finally here: The 4 CipSoft Santas and their many diligent elves present proudly this year's Tibia Christmas Update.

    Numerous quests have been added varying in difficulty and length to provide excitement and fun for characters of all levels. You love playing pranks? Become a member of the fool's guild! More the serious type? Join the Secret Service! Find countless new quests by talking to Tibia's inhabitants. As quest rewards you will not only be able to gain honour or maybe a nice item, you can also earn the right to wear a brand-new outfit. What is more, a travelling salesman has just arrived in Tibia. Win his trust and he might be willing to buy some of your stuff.

    Also for this update, vocation balancing was a hot topic. For this reason we have greatly enlarged our system of elements, now consisting of fire, ice, energy, earth, holy and death. Needless to say that we have revised several old spells and added a number of new ones for this reason. Sorcerers are the masters of fire and energy, but they are also able to make the strongest death damage rune - the legendary sudden death rune. Druids are especially gifted when it comes to ice and earth spells. Paladins are the only vocation that is able to cast holy spells. Knights yield mainly physical damage, but depending on what kind of weapon they are using, they can deal out also fire, ice, energy or earth damage. Several weapons can now be enchanted with special gems. With the help of occult teleporters, located in every city, talented druids and sorcerers with a Premium Account can visit holy shrines to fill up these gems with magical energy.

    Check out our creatures section to find out the immunities and sensitivities of the single monsters. Using a weapon or spell of the right element, will help you to bring down your enemy much more quickly on your next hunting trip. To protect yourself from a certain damage type, you can find new equipment and amulets in the game to absorb the damage of a certain element.



    Furthermore, you will need a good magic level to use healing runes and spells effectively. For this reason we have given knights the ability to clean their wounds instantly and added 3 new health potions for them to use. Sorcerers and druids, on the other hand, will have 3 new mana potions at their disposal. Paladins will be served best if using a combination of healing spells and 2 of the 3 health potions as well as 2 of the 3 mana potions. When you get into combat, you will generally be able to use supportive spells like healing at the same time as attack spells.

    What is more, knights that have little confidence in their own healing measures might now enjoy hunting together with a druid to heal him just in time. The awesome new feature shared experience will let you benefit equally from your party hunt.

    Tibia has also got some new inhabitants! Cute white cats will purr around your legs roaming the cities. Adorable but extremely shy and swift are squirrels. Sweet-looking are also the various new dragon hatchlings, but beware of their strong fire waves created by their little nostrils once in a while. 2 new cyclops races and a stronger troll will bring some variety to the hunting experience for lower level characters.

    Finally, we have added a number of great new features. Some creatures have learnt some amazing new spells which enable them to affect your character with one of the 3 new special conditions: dazzled, freezing and cursed. However, if you jump into the water of our new public swimming areas, your character will be cleaned from all special conditions. Note, you can neither use invisible, nor creature illusion, nor the chameleon spell, nor stealth rings in the water and it is also impossible to use the safe trade option while enjoying a bath in the Tibian sea.

    Modification kits for beds allow you to give your home a more personal look. Moreover, the cross that indicates you on the automap will now appear in black or white depending on the colour of the surface you are walking on. Last but not least we have added a few new symbols for marking special places on your automap.

    The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 8.1 from this website.

    Enjoy the Christmas update!

    Your CipSoft Team
  • WilsonassWilsonass VilniusPosts: 6Member

    This update for mages... warriors become weak.. meybe summer update will bring back all good stuff to knights and palls

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    Warriors have now weaps with all the elements. Thats also nice .... .

    Knights were a bit overpowered but now everyone is equal.

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon
  • DeathreatDeathreat Manalapan, NJPosts: 142Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Wilsonass

    This update for mages... warriors become weak.. meybe summer update will bring back all good stuff to knights and palls
    This isn't true, knights get more weapons plus elemental bonuses. Paladins get excluxsive access to holy type spells.


    This past update was only bad for sorcerers, since druids now have ice spells that own anything worth hunting like dragons or demons.

  • HealthyyHealthyy LimburgPosts: 112Member Uncommon

    My sorc likes the new pots, allthough he would like some more spells.

    Sd's with 3 shots rox.

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