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EA download can bite me

daelnordaelnor Manteca, CAPosts: 1,556Member Uncommon

I first had directx issues with the ea download manager, then I had to shut down every piece of security I had to allow the program to work. Finally got it working, yay!

Note says download should take an hour. Six hours later, download is complete, cool. I didn't expect it to work in an hour anyway.

So I begin install. I get past the end user agreement, starting to get excited now!

Then the error pops up. Could not open: hkey_current_usersoftware\electronic arts\EA Core\staging\eadm\eadm\online_content\hellgate_london\ergc.Verify you have sufficient access to that key , or contact your support personnel. hour later I track down a phone number on some random non related forum, because EA has no phone number listed anywhere that I could find and I cAll them up.

So far they are clueless as to why my game won't work. Plus they double charged me.

They should get back to me eventually.

I take it as a life lesson in patience. If I had waited 12 hours I could have had time to pick up a box at a store and would be playing right now instead of complaining here. Ironically, I think my best course of action is going to be to demand my money back, and go buy one at a store anyway, go figure.




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