wow the inspiration for the alien in the Alien films...

miffywiffymiffywiffy mooMember Posts: 245

I was watching that program The Blue Planet and thought it was kinda cool, it might be really old but i never heard of it before lol...



Obviously lives in the deep sea lol.


  • EcranomicalEcranomical Hesserbrunt, ONMember Posts: 326

    You should check out Novembers National Geographic. They usually have a segment of microorganisms and this month's is pretty interesting.

    But since I'm in bio, i see a lot of weird things.

  • DauthixDauthix Villa Rica, GAMember Posts: 222

    Here's  another source of inspiration for the Alien movie, the artist H. R. Giger:




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  • OpticaleyeOpticaleye atlanta, GAMember Posts: 498

    Sorry but the real inspiration is here in this link

    The creature itself is painted by a Wayne Douglas Barlowe

    If you are not familiar with Mr.Barlowe i suggest looking deeper you will be surprised at his contributions.


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  • EnigmaEnigma Lancaster, PAMember UncommonPosts: 11,384

    Actually, Dauthix and the poster above me are both right.

    I never heard of the inspiration coming from deap sea critters.  Ridley said his inspiration came the mind of the artist Dauthix mentioned and that the story line inspiration came from the story the last poster mentioned.

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