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Ultima Online: UO Staff Move East

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

Ultima Online Producer Chris Rabideau has posted a letter to the community in the UO Herald, informing the citizens of Britannia that the Ultima Online team will be moving from their offices in San Francisco to the EA Mythic studios in Fairfax, Virginia.

Citizens of Britannia,

I wanted to share with you a significant change that is about to take place with the UO development team. Over the next several months, we'll be moving the team from its current location at EA's headquarters outside of San Francisco, CA to the EA Mythic studios in Fairfax, VA.
So what does this mean to you? This is a big move for the team, but we expect it to have very little impact on the game and community in the short term. Planned development and operations will continue with minimal interruption.
In the long term, we believe this move will be a big win for UO and will allow us to better support the game as we move into its second decade of operation. By having all three MMO teams together here in Virginia, we'll be better able to focus on Ultima Online’s development and ensure a long and lively future for the game.

Read more here.


  • MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Posts: 1,084Member Uncommon

    Better focus = pre-ren servers right?


    If not, then who cares about this dead horse.


    Thanks for the post though.

  • Wow4LiferWow4Lifer northbrook, ILPosts: 255Member



  • OyjordOyjord Riverside, CAPosts: 488Member Uncommon

    Sadly, this move clearly indicates that the ole' beloved UO is now one step closer to death. :(

  • FlummoxedFlummoxed San Jose, CAPosts: 591Member

    Well maybe housing is a bit cheaper but omg hope any employees that make the move are prepared for a significant culture shock.

    Fairfax / Washington / Baltimore area   !=  San Francisco Bay Area

  • HricaHrica Mountain's of NCPosts: 1,110Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Oyjord

    Sadly, this move clearly indicates that the ole' beloved UO is now one step closer to death. :(


  • RainStarRainStar Florissant, MOPosts: 638Member

    A move to another state signifies the death of UO? How do you surmise that?

    Getting out of Cali is a good thing imho. Glad I'm outta there.

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