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Golgatha Blood Recruting - Victory Server

dbofamericadbofamerica Homestead, FLPosts: 3Member

If your looking for a VG in Victory Server that has everything a player needs like teleporters to each zone possible, invention vault, invention table, medic bay, etc. This VG is only two months old and already has everything a base needs and more to come. Our base has players from Chaos Rising VG which are one of the best PVP VG's on Victory so that tells you the experience we have on our roster. We help our members as much as they need it whether it be a cape mish or a misely kill 10 snake mish we do what we can to help each other night. We have events that will make you money one way or the other. If your interested please send an offline PM to either Katie Firestorm, Justice Hater or Sensei Death.

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