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good or bad?

harshskaterharshskater ansonia, CTPosts: 61Member

only tryed this game once and sadly deleted it completely after loging in

game interface looked confusing and i guess iwas in a bichy mood

so im bak here to get a 2nd oppinion on the game



  • yEsHayEsHa TabukPosts: 9Member


    Nice thread but you should monitor and keep on updating....

    BTW I voted SD as one of the good game I played for over a year.....

    For the other players pls. try this game for at least minimum 1-2 months then u judge....

    Last year when I started to play this game I don't like it because the screen is too small compared to the previous game I played. But then after two months I've noticed that I started to like SD....

    You will like the game when you spend much time to learn everything about the game....

    Anyhow, it all about our taste & how we feel the game....But for me this is very good game....


    Respect & regards,


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