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EverQuest II: Chad Haley Video Interview

MeddleMeddle Kamuela, HIPosts: 722Administrator Uncommon

Today we're bringing you two more video interviews conducted by MMORPG staffers Jon Wood and Evan Wilkinson during the Leipzig conference last week. Here is the first one featuring Chad Haley Lead Art Lead for EQ2. Jon and Chad talk about EQ2's 4th expansion The Rise of Kunark and a new race!

Chad Haley Interview Chad Haley Interview
Jon Wood sat down with Chad Haley Character Art Lead for EQ2 to talk about what's coming up in EverQuest 2's fourth expansion The Rise of Kunark, including a look at a new race known as the Sanark.

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- MMORPG.COM Staff -


  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Dallas, TXPosts: 489Member Uncommon

    Awesome to watch the video though wish the music would have worked to hear it with the running away from a gorilla.

  • simply amazing....that new race is pretty badass

  • BigfootBigfoot Daytona Beach, FLPosts: 364Member

    A little late on watching the video, but I'm really looking forward to this expansion.  The new race looks awesome.


    Looking for something new.

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