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Chaos player LFG

PezDSpencerPezDSpencer Shelby Twp, MIPosts: 111Member Uncommon

I'm looking for a good guild. 


I plan to be either a Chosen or a Zealot.


Thanks in advance.  

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  • spikeynormanspikeynorman Martinsburg, WVPosts: 150Member Uncommon

    well if your into RvR and killing highelves then give the ASC a visit! at

    We destroy hope and crush peace!!!! you are encouraged to write a RP piece (not in your app ofcourse) but its not required. I try but I'm not the greatest you may want to contact Comrade Sordin about that (his forum name is also deadinmysights but he isn't signed up for here)

    Anyway I have been with this guild since June 28th and have never even thought about once leaving it! Its a great guild

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