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Guild Wars: Tournament Skill Stats

SzarkSzark News ManagerAnna Regina, NSPosts: 4,420Member

ArenaNet has compiled some interesting statistics about skill usage during the Guild Wars July Tournament.

The charts below provide skill usage data for each game of the July 2007 Tournament Championship. Each chart shows the team rosters with each player's skills. "Executes" are successful skill uses while "Fizzles" are skill attempts that failed (for example, due to interruption, canceling, or going into recharge).

All facts are only for Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals. Playoff matches are not included.

Interesting Facts

There were 164 unique skills used across all three chapters.
The Top 5 most equipped skills were: Glyph of Lesser Energy (37), Reversal of Fortune (30), Resurrection Signet (27), Dismiss Condition (24), Aegis (21).
The Top 5 most used skills were: Reversal of Fortune (1500), Dismiss Condition (856), Glyph of Lesser Energy (783), Light of Deliverance (738), Shield of Deflection (593).

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  • SarduSardu Wilson, NCPosts: 11Member

    I watched a few of these matches via observation mode actually, and I think there's one 'Interesting Fact' they failed to mention with the Hero vs. Hero battles:


    Every single high ranking battle was fought between either 2 Assasins or if a different primary, assasin was their secondary.  What does that teach us about entering HvH battles?

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