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General: Review: Razer eXactMat with eXactRest

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

While a review of a mouse pad might not sound like something you need to read, hardware reviewer Jeremy Star was pleasantly surprised by his experience with the Razer eXactMat with eXactRest and thinks you might be too!

If you're like me, you've probably never considered spending money on a mouse pad. In the ancient days of PC gaming, I used a cloth mouse pad that came for free with a game for my archaic ball-mouse. With the advent of optical mice, I stopped using a pad at all with my wooden desk, and when I switched desks, I started using a cheap Star Wars mouse pad that my wife bought for me.
Enter Razer with their eXactMat gaming surface. I scoffed when I looked up the price, I laughed when I thought about someone paying more than five dollars for a mouse pad, and I cried when I realized I wished I had owned one all along.

The Hardware - Do I look like chopped liver to you?

The Razer eXactMat with eXactRest is a large - we're talking Goliath - mousing surface made from anodized aluminum. (Which sounds much cooler if you happen to have a British accent.) It has two surfaces: a rough one for control, and a smooth one for speed. Both are anti-reflective, non-slip, and abrasion resistant. The eXactRest is a gel wrist-rest that spans most of the bottom of the pad, which means it's probably three times as long as a normal wrist-rest.

Read the whole review here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • DialtraxDialtrax SurreyPosts: 38Member

    Great review!

    The wrist rest is a nice addition to the pad as the first ones that came out were without it.


  • LemacsLemacs Cypress, TXPosts: 121Member Uncommon


    I pick up on of these about a year ago, it is one of the best thing i ever bought for my computer. I could feel that i had better control over everything with the Razer eXactMat with eXactRest. The only thing that was bad with the pad is that the little rubber feet came of pretty quick.



  • delateurdelateur Spokane, WAPosts: 156Member

    I'd have to say this review was pretty much exactly how my experience went. At first, when I saw that thing, I couldn't fathom who would spend that kind of money just on a mouse pad, but then I started reading some of the reviews and I got interested. Finally, I found the mouse/rest combo for such a good price (less than the mat alone normally goes for), that I had to try it, and I can assure you, from the moment I first moved my new Diamondback across it, I never thought twice about the money. It's probably the cheapest performance upgrade I've ever purchased! The only real drawback is the real estate it takes up on your desk, but even though my desk is rather small, and I'm cramming two monitors on it, I managed to find the space for it.

    There are some other really great benefits that weren't mentioned. First off, you'll end up keeping your mouse cleaner in the long run, because the pad is very sensitive to debris on its surface. You'll feel them as you move the mouse, allowing you to clean it before it ends up collecting in the optical area of the mouse. Secondly, by having a truly dedicated "mouse zone," you'll end up keeping that portion of your desk cleaner, and correspondingly, the mouse will stay cleaner as well.

    You will also probably be as thrilled as I was to find that both mouse surfaces are quite enjoyable to use. I often switch every few months between each one, just to enjoy the different feel of how the mouse moves. Personally, I enjoy the precision that the Control side allows me, but the ease of movement on the Speed side is amazing, also. Trust me, if you went to the effort and expense of buying a gaming mouse, you owe it to yourself to get the full package and get this mouse pad. I can't really recommend the pad, myself (I ended up storing it), because my desk and chair are set up at the perfect height such that I don't need the wrist rest, but for those who sit a bit higher, the wrist rest is very comfortable.

    Great review, and a great product!

  • LuranLuran ChristchurchPosts: 6Member

    "mousing surface made from anodized aluminum. (Which sounds much cooler if you happen to have a British accent.)"

    Not trying to sound like a pedant (ok, I am), but us Brits would say "aluminium". That extra "i" makes a big difference.

    Back on topic, though -- maybe it's my advancing years (32 ) but a wrist rest on my mouse mat really makes those long gaming sessions a lot easier. Before I got one, Monday after a weekend WoWing, EQing or whatever, my whole right arm could be aching, but now everything is hunky-dory.

  • CleffyIICleffyII The Moon, CAPosts: 3,440Member

    Thanks for the review.  I was contemplating buying this because I have a precise mouse, now I just needed a mat that was just as precise.  I am a rare breed of digital artists who totally suck with a tablet but my mouse painting is great.


  • BlackLupusBlackLupus Cape TownPosts: 3Member

    Alright, I'm officially drooling. I'd love one of those. In fact, I'm going to get me one of them things!

  • WordorWordor Dallas, TXPosts: 14Member

    Where can you pick up these things?  Besides the online store, What retail stores have them available?

  • sonicbrewsonicbrew Fredericksburg, VAPosts: 514Member Uncommon

    I have owned one for some time and I would never replace it with something else. Paired with the death adder mouse, it is absolute gaming heaven. I have used Razer products for a few years now and I was a skeptic at first also. I could not see spending the kind of money I did on a mouse and game pad, however; as a game enthusiast it is one of the most important tools in my arsenal. I have yet to see a Razer product let me down...

    “Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.” ~ Italian proverb   


  • UrdigUrdig ., DEPosts: 1,260Member

    I use an Allsop.  Cost $20.  Well worth the money.

    Same thing minus the gell wrist rest.  Do wish it had one.

    I'll never use a cloth mousepad again.

    Edit:  I use a Logitech MX Revolution mouse on it.  I love my mouse.

    Wish Darkfall would release.

  • RonnyRulzRonnyRulz Moore, OKPosts: 479Member

    I've had one of these for almost 8 months now, and I love it.

    I used the Logitech G5 (piece of crap!) for awhile, and then I switched to the Razer Deathadder.

    I must say, the Deathadder and eXactmat combo is amazing. Whether I'm going for normal desktop use and internet googling, the smooth side is amazing, with plenty of room!

    The CONTROL side is perfect for gaming, whether I'm high sensitivity or low. The mousepad is large enough that I rarely have to lift up my mouse, even for low sensitivity, and when I do, the Deathadder's ability to keep the mouse completely still when I lift it in the air to reposition, this is a KILLER combo for low sensitivity sniping.


    Pros: Plenty of space, exact rough CONTROL side to prevent unwanted mouse movement, and when paired with the deathadder's ability to lift up in the air without unwanted mouse movement, headshots are mine!!!

    Cons: Uncomfortable to turn it  vertically because of the weird curves at the end. Would prefer it to be a complete rectangle when the horizontal (normal) position is too big for my surface area.

    LONG LIVE RAZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • viciousexeviciousexe yup, CAPosts: 123Member

    I got mine at best buy 1 or 2 Christmases ago and i love it. This thing will never break, ever. I only use the control side though lol, the speed is too fast for me.

  • ZulikaZulika Springfield, DCPosts: 60Member Uncommon

    I bought one with my Habu.  I thought it would not make a big diff, but I was very surprised.  I do not think I will be without one going forward.

  • soponyaisoponyai LondonPosts: 139Member Uncommon

    When I bought my Copperhead a long time ago I immidiately bought the mouse pad and the rest as well (they were cheaper together too). All my friends were like: "You are crazy, you should have upgraded your processor or something". But I still feel it was a good deal and I love all things Razer.

  • FlummoxedFlummoxed San Jose, CAPosts: 591Member

    Herein witness The Power of Marketing.  oh well.  If people are comforted by the belief that it can cure cancer AND make them popular then hey, it must be a good thing.  

  • Agent_X7Agent_X7 Staff Writer Endicott, NYPosts: 515Member
    Originally posted by Flummoxed

    Herein witness The Power of Marketing.  oh well.  If people are comforted by the belief that it can cure cancer AND make them popular then hey, it must be a good thing.  

    The "Power of Marketing" has nothing to do with anything anybody has said in this thread or what I wrote in the article. Did you read the article?

    Agent_X7 AKA J Star
    Notice: The views expressed in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of or its management.

  • Retard0Retard0 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 52Member

    I have one, got the Razer mouse cheap, and the ExactMat for my 6th Anniversary (my fiancee loves me that much).

    The review was dead-on!!!

    It's a bit bigger than my keyboard tray, so the rubber pads also have the effect of holding the keyboard in place. 

    It took me a little "re-training" in some games (MMO & FPS) to get used to the speed.  OMG!!  The Speed!!!!  For some games & Programs, I actually toned down the Mouse Speed.

    No more 'moving the mouse off the pad' screw-ups!!! 

    LOVE IT!!!

    Only downside- mine has started to pick up a "grit" movement.  Kinda like if I'm moving it over a grain of sand.  I checked.  Haven't seen anything out of the ordinary.  My thinking is, its one of the pads that is causing the 'grit' feeling.


  • GerretGerret Inwood, NYPosts: 46Member

    this thing is like 30 dollars for the pad

    I do need a new mouse and i saw a combo for  34 so i might give it a shot.

    you guys better be right about this


  • F4tal_3rrorF4tal_3rror Mollymook BeachPosts: 2Member

    I'm rather cynical. As far as i'm concerned, the review is too bias for my liking.  I am currently not happy with my current mouse surface since changing tables, but I don't feel i can trust this review. I think I'd rather read a review on the product from a independent site. That mmorpg is receiving razer products for use in competitions in combination with that the site has written a review for a razer product (and no other) as far as I'm concerned (although i hope i'm wrong) gives me reason to doubt the integrity of the article.. I didn't feel as though the review was bias neutral from the way things were described. The mouse pad looks alright but i can't certify the quality, myself.

  • RonnyRulzRonnyRulz Moore, OKPosts: 479Member

    I am rather disappointed at this mousepad. I've had it for not too long, and already the smooth "SPEED" side has worn out. This makes the mousepad now feel like the sensitivity is high when moving around, but when the mouse goes over the worn out areas, it feels like the sensitivity drops from 2000 to 500dpi AND I have trouble moving the mouse itself, because it gets "stuck". The mouse and mouse laser has a lot of trouble going over the worn out areas.

    Fortunately I now use ONLY the control side, which I'm afraid will also wear out soon, but doesn't show any signs of it.

    Whatever material they used for the SPEED side is NOT durable enough. If it can't last for AT LEAST a year, it's rather pathetic if you ask me.


    For so much money, I expect this to last at least a year or three.....


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