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BigHatLoganBigHatLogan Bellingham, WAPosts: 688Member

Just when i thought that everyone making mmos was a pansy carebear i run across this amazing looking game.  Its an mmo fps set in the pacific northwest following an apocalyptic nuclear war.  The screenshots looked okay but the concept art video made this game look f*ing awesome.  While i didn't see any rating for the game i know some factions grow "juana" a drug which they use recreationally.  This game has open pvp with player looting, so its definitely not a pansy wow clone.   The closed beta is starting early august so this game may not be all that far away from release.    Machine guns, motorcycle gangs, and "juana", this game has it all.  Come check out the forums at my screen name is sarkophagus.

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  • Axiom3000Axiom3000 hiPosts: 17Member

    haha @ "Twilight War: After the Fall (ATF) is an Extreme Online Roleplaying Game (XORG)"

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