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point and click movement sistem

karantanijakarantanija koperPosts: 57Member

i just remberd them using it in lineage, please somone tell me history wont repete itself/


  • RaunuRaunu Lewisburg, PAPosts: 480Member Uncommon

    It worked just fine in Lineage/Lineage 2. I would rather have the point and click system than their version of the WASD system which was horrible in L2.

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  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,630Member Epic

    Originally posted by karantanija

    i just remberd them using it in lineage, please somone tell me history wont repete itself/
    It would repeat itself because it is a Korean game and they like point and click.

    So why wouldn't they do the same again?


    but rest assured, they are going to be including WASD It even looks like WASD movement if you look at the movies.

  • CaladonCaladon RomaPosts: 152Member

    Aion will have a WASD movement system. Unlike Lineage II, Aion is built around this system - it's not just a useless complement.


  • GadorianGadorian bolognaPosts: 87Member

    Wery good! i like WASD sistem much more that Point&Click... becouse with good WASD u have more agility in game


  • jmmcglojmmcglo Reedsville, WVPosts: 203Member

    Yes, Aion is WASD, and you will control the camera by holding the right mouse button down and moving the mouse. They couldn't effectivly impliment a point and click system because you not only have to control your character on an X and Y axis.. but also the Z axis during airial combat. Point an click in a true 3 dimensional space is not appropriate without a travel distance limitation or a surface to anchor your waypoint to as like with some of the space/combat mmo's such as EVE Online. The point and click system in EVE is not seamless and has distance limitations... and for PvP that has X, Y, and Z axis... you need a "seamless" WASD system. Point and click for the most part is only managable for X and Y axis games.


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  • Darkseth12Darkseth12 Edison, NJPosts: 148Member

    i think the wasd control is way more comfortable for running and flying becuase how would you fly with point and click?

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