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Lvl 4 Guild "Fallen one" recruting/searching union

TenshiNeosTenshiNeos Radlje ob DraviPosts: 1Member

Lvl 4, 100% Guild "Fallen one" is recruting new members. New members must be lvl 30 or higher. The members have to be active players. The guild will have different events to make the game play more interesting (thing`s like guild/uion trades, job wars, guild wars, different games).

If you want to join us you can conntact:

Guildmaster: BlackD

CO Guildmaster: Unicron

Right hand man: Bardo

Right hand man: Quen

If you cant reach non of this guys in the game just email me:

The server is : Red see


Our guild has not got a union yet. If there is any active union that would take us as their members we would gladly join you.

Pleas conntact the listed persons for your offers or email me.


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